Friday, July 6, 2012

Stila Lip Glaze - Tiki Lip Glaze Set - Hibiscus

So we know that I am bonkers about Stila and adore their Lip Glazes - if you don't know what Lip Glazes are they are Stila's iconic lip glosses that come in a click up pen.  I remember my first Lip Glaze - my friend borrowed it and accidental clicked a ton of product out of it - it was the closest I have ever come to crying in work. 

Every year Stila produce special or limited edition Lip Glazes for different collections.  My favourite time is always summer, mostly because its the time of year when lip gloss just feels right, during summer I want things to be simple and look simple.  I like to put a lip glaze in my back pocket and go.

This summer Stila have the Tiki Lip Glaze set which includes the colours: Hibiscus, Tropical Punch and Guava.  Have I mentioned that not only do these glosses offer fantastic colour but you can literally "taste the rainbow" as in Tropical Punch tastes and smells like tropical punch?  No really - it's amazing.

My favourite of the trio is Hibiscus which is just a beautiful colour with gold shimmer, it is perfect for the summer and adds subtle brightness to your face.

Stila Tiki Lip Glaze Set is available from (click here) and costs £12.00 (don't forget Stila offer free shipping to Ireland and the UK).  If this is not enough to tempt you Stila also have a Fiesta Lip Set (click here) which contains the shades Kitten, Pińata and Maraca.

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  1. £12 for the set? Wow, that's mental, they look oh-so-pretty! xo

  2. nice xx :))

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  3. That's really pretty, and I never knew Stila had free shipping! Nice price for three products, this set is lovely but their Tiki one looks AMAZING.

  4. LOVING these! *lowers voice to whisper* I'm still a Stila virgin... *runs away screaming*


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