Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Stila Set and Bronze Baked Powder Trio

We know I love Stila but I am currently in the middle of a major addiction with one of their products - it literally is all over my face at all times.  The product that has brought so much joy to my life is Stila Set and Bronze Baked Powder Trio.

Set and Bronze is in similar sleek black packaging to Set and Correct which I have already spoken about (read that here) except this time Stila has created a trio of powders that not only set your makeup but also apply a beautiful bronze glow to the skin.


The set contains three different lightweight baked powders 

  • Matte bronze – which bronzes and warms the skin
  • Kitten shimmer – (Special Guest Star) to brighten and illuminate
  • Bronze shimmer – enhances skintone

  • You can use the powder alone if you're lucky enough to have great skin but I use it over my foundation - the powder not only gives a beautiful glowing bronze to the skin, it also sets your foundation.  I find when I use it over foundation the makeup lasts all day.  The powder contains Vitamin E and jojoba oils so as well as cleverly setting your makeup it also bronzes and helps to moisturize and condition skin.

    Just one turn of the (rather good fun) shaver provides enough product to cover the face and if you're in a pinch you could use the powders as eyeshadow (I have done this and you can separate the colours to create a simple bronze eye).  I really like the packaging. The sleek black case is not only stylish but its also has a mirror so you can use it on the go. 

    You can see above left a slightly blended swatch and on the right a thick swatch.  If you have fair skin you can use a very light dusting but for those with darker skin the product is buildable.  Although there are shimmers in the product (it does feature Kitten after all) you are not left with a glitter ball effect, Stila has created a product which gives beautiful natural glowing skin.

    On the left you can see I am only wearing foundation and I have a Sad Face but on the right after I apply my Stila Set and Bronze I am so happy with myself I can't help having a bit of a smug face.  I adore the effect that it gives and to be honest the fact that it sets my foundation is an added bonus.  Although summer hasn't really started we have had some humidity (lucky aren't we - humidity and no sun) but Set and Bronze keeps my greasy skin in check and I haven't had to reapply it during the day (which is lucky because I never remember to reapply makeup).

    Stila Set and Bronze costs £24.00 and it will last for a very long time, I bought mine from ASOS (here) but it is also available from Stila.co.uk (click here) where there is free shipping to Ireland and the UK. 

    What do you think of Set and Bronze?
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    1. Haha, love you smug face! You do 'bronze goddess' like nobody's business, you look beautiful :)

    2. That shaver is ingenious! Ha I love the smug face too, it's like 'check me out' :)x

    3. Love that you have a sad face without Stila:) Looks gorgeous on you!


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