Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Stila - Some Bad News followed by Good

I have some good news and some bad news, being a positive kinda girl we will start with the bad news and get that out of the way. 

One particular Stila product that has come into my life recently has changed it for the better - Stila's Set and Bronze is amazing and I am obsessed by it (read about my obsession with it here).  I am so obsessed that when I was away recently for a Hens weekend I had the magical bronzer out at a time in the morning that nobody has a right to be applying bronzer - after some light refreshment (ahem) I was telling all about the virtues of the product and while gesticulating wildly it launched its way across the room (across two rooms actually - there should be a Olympic event on accidentally throwing makeup - I would get Bronze).    Although the packaging was slightly damaged - its in two parts - the product itself is perfect and shall continue to bronze me for a long time (the mirror didn't even break).  Having OCS (Obsessive Compulsive Stila) I am a bit sad about the packaging. Sad Face.


I know I talk about Stila a lot ....If only there was a place in Ireland, Dublin specifically that people could visit and see the whole Stila range...hmmmm if only there was a Stila Counter in an "Absolutely Fabulous" shop where I could hang around and annoy the staff, it would be like my version of Cheers (where everybody knows my name cause I am a stalker).  If only this counter were opening soon, and what if the time was when children had gone back to school.  Imagine a Stila Counter with the full range of products and new collections at our fingertips.  (Seriously people there are some hints here - Its not exactly the DA Vinci Code).
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  1. There is a stila stand in boots in Liffey Valley! Not sure if its the full range but I do love to go in and have a goo!! :-)

  2. Oooooohhhh you tease! Where will this counter be?

  3. Am so sorry you damaged the packaging magaluf, but hey, in competitive sports like this there's always some collateral damage and the girls won't forget about the Set and Bronze now will they?!

    Looking forward to hanging out at the new Stila counter wiv you... ya know, wherever it might happen to be (can't wait!)

  4. Nice one, I wonder where? HOPE it's Dublin 2 :)))) x


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