Friday, August 31, 2012

Stila Counter Launching Dublin 12th September

The time is now - the second coming imminent, that's right Stila's triumphant return to Ireland will be completed with a brand new, spanky and fancy counter in Harvey Nicks Dundrum.  The counter will stock all of Stila's makeup and will offer advice on makeup and foundation matches.  The counter is going to open on the 12th September and by god I am excited about it, so excited I was supposed to do this post last night but needed a lie down cause I spent the day so hyper.   

Stila counters have been popping up in Harvey Nicks across the UK and look absolutely fabulous (see what I did there?  Any Ab Fab fans?).  The counters look so sleek and stylish, I think that Stila and Harvey Nicks make a brilliant match.  If you haven't been to the Harvey Nicks beauty department in Dublin you are missing out - it's a beauty addict's dream, full of the best beauty names and now it truly will be the best beauty hall because Stila will be there.  The counter will have the full collection of makeup - Boots only stock a small selection and will be up to the moment with new collections.  Ah lads just wait til the Christmas Sets are out.
So from the 12th of September Stila has a new home in Dundrum and will have the amazing Autumn collection for us all to drool over.   Every time I think about it I get so excited and do a happy dance.  Norm might have Cheers but for me the Stila Counter Harvey Nicks will be where everybody knows my name (OK maybe it will be for the wrong, makeup stalking reasons - I hope the staff is forewarned).
So you know where to find me, I hope to see you there.

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Liz Earle Special Edition Cleanse and Polish

I was just about to long onto Liz Earle and order myself the biggest bottle of Cleanse and Polish available to womankind (mankind have their own fancy edition of Cleanse and Polish so please keep your hands off mine - thank you very much).  As you know Cleanse and Polish is my Holy Grail cleanser, it's the one thing I can count on to gently cleanse my skin and get rid of any impurities while also removing my makeup, including mascara, gently (it should come with a stamp - Cleanse and Polish guarantees no Panda Eyes).  With the blog I am always trying different cleansers but I always have to have a bottle of Cleanse and Polish on standby.

Just before I started online shopping I received an email with some exciting news about my beloved Cleanse and Polish - Liz Earle have been working with the UK Charity The Prince's Trust who pair young entrepreneurs with mentors and part of this project has resulted in a collaboration with Rebecca Taylor and Liz Earle to give Cleanse and Polish a modern twist and create Special Edition Cleanse and Polish - Rose and Lavender. 

Don't worry, the creamy formula is still there but it has the added benefits of rose oil which soothes and lavender which of course is relaxing.  I love to use Cleanse and Polish in the evenings it really cleanses my skin without irritation so the Rose and Lavender edition sounds divine.  Just think glowing skin which aids a perfect nights sleep HEAVEN.

To top this all off Liz Earle are going to donate £2.00 from every Special Edition Cleanse and Polish to The Prince's Trust - see, charity begins at your bathroom sink.

Don't panic though original Cleanse and Polish will still be available - they were hardly going to get rid of a multi award winning product now were they?

Cleanse & Polish Rose and Lavender Special Edition will be available from September 6th and I don't know about you but I cant wait to get my hands (then my face on it).
The packaging is so cute - look at the fancy Rose and Lavender swoosh.
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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Color Club Nails - All About Color

The interwebs can bring out the greed in me. Usually I try and talk myself out of the greed but sometimes I can't help myself, I have to have it.  Karen over at Lovely Girly Bits picked up a bargain Color Club set in TK Maxx and I was in lust.  Alas I don't have a TK Maxx too close to me and when I finally managed to get to one there was no sign of the set.  Enter stage left the superhero that is Cherry Sue (not only is she a nail artist - actual works of art are on her nails - but she is also a very funny lady, snort yourself laughing funny), she in a shopping ninja move managed to pick me up a set.  (Both Sue and Karen are expert TK Maxx Shoppers - were not worthy Wayne)

The set contains 4 polishes for the bargain price of €6.99. The colours are not named but seem to be from the spring 2012 collection and they are Blue Ming which I have on my nails,  Hydrangea Kiss is a dusty periwinkle blue, Sweet Pea and Diamond Drops which is a glitter topcoat - but not just any type of glitter, the glitter is mirrored and in jagged irregular shapes.  You would need a few coats of the top coat to get maximum impact but because the glitter is mirrored it adds a pretty glint.

I used two coats of Blue Ming and to say I am in love with it is a understatement - its one of my favourite nail polish colours ever - its such a vibrant turquoise its almost luminous.  Just look at it - SOOO PRETTY.  To me Blue Ming is THE nail colour of the Summer - what Summer I hear you say, well Blue Ming is so bright it creates the illusion we are having summer.

Blue Ming,  Hydrangea Kiss, Sweet Pea and Diamond Drops.
I have heard (from Karen) that Color Club polishes are available in some chemist, alas they are not in any of the chemists I frequent.  So please if you have seen Color Club in a shop can you let me know which chemists stock them.  I have an overwhelming urge to stock up on Blue Ming and buy as many bottles as I can - god knows I love the colour so much I might paint my whole body with it and float around in a happy haze like radioactive Mr. Burnes in the Simpsons.

"Girl sent crazy by beautiful nail polish"
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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Giorgio Armani Autumn Collection 2012

Whenever I walk by the Giorgio Armani makeup stand I drool a little bit, the makeup is just what you would expect - classy and stylish.  This Autumn Armani are doing wondrous things with make up, not only are they bringing us a wonderful collection of palettes which include cheek colour and eye shadows in sleek black packaging (check out the deadly magnet closing (for €65.00)), they are also redefining the concept of foundation.  This September Armani will launch Maestro Skin Perfector.  It is described as a complection perfector - it gives the skin all the benefits of skin care while providing beautiful coverage.  The foundation is made up of just oils and pigments - to be honest with you when I heard this I freaked out a little, my skin is oily enough but Maestro's made up of oils that hydrate the skin and excess oils evaporate.  The finish of Maestro is a wonderful mix of illuminating and matte - I don't really know how they do it but it doesn't look like foundation - Maestro looks like perfect skin.   I don't have Maestro to show you today but I do have some of Armani's Autumn collection.

The collection is a perfect combination of masculine against feminine and the collection offers all the things we love about Autumn - classic sexy looks.  In fact if Catwoman were to go shopping for makeup, Armani is where she would end up.  The sleek black containers in addition to sweeping sexy cat eyes.  Purrrfect.  I decided that this collection would turn me into Catwoman - just a little bit. 

As you know I love a red lipstick, I always say that every lady should treat herself to a fancy red lipstick in a classic container.  Rouge d'Armani lasting satin lip colour in 400 is a classic red.  The formula is smooth on the lips and surprisingly long lasting for a satin finish.  I adore the sleek black packaging which has a magnetic closing - very Catwoman.  The lipstick costs €26.00 which I think is a good price compared to a lot of high end ranges.

 Eyes To Kill Silk Eyeshadows are something that I have always drooled over. They are soft and amazingly pigmented.  Below is number 24 which looks to me like the night's sky.  Simply stunning.  Although they are pigmented the shadows are extremely blendable, this makes it so easy to create different looks.  I was a little afraid there would be a lot of fallout especially since this is a dark colour - don't worry there wasn't really any fallout - I also patted the shadow on which minamises fallout. Each little pot costs €26.00

I tried to create a cat eye here (see I am Catwoman). Although I wouldn't normally wear this, the warmth of the gold in the shadow brightens the look.

I am Catwoman - I tried to do my best sexy/angry face unfortunately for the most part I am neither sexy nor angry.  My dark circles could really do with some of Armani's new Maestro Eraser which both conceals and treats dark circles.

What I adore about Eyes to Kill shadows are how blendable they are - with the look above I used some shadow along the lash line and blended up, I then used the shadow wet to line the lid.  When the shadow is used wet it really brings out the gold sparkle.  To complete the look I used Eyes to Kill Mascara (€32.00). The mascara wand is weighted, something which I thought would annoy me - it doesn't.  The mascara creates beautifully extended and defined lashes.
The collection also has two amazing liners (€21.00) which are so pigmented and long lasting they are going on my list.
Armani Cosmetics have some amazing products launching - I will see you at the counter (I'll be the girl that is pretending she is Catwoman).
P.S. I am always wondering how bloggers manage to pull sexy faces when taking pictures for posts, my face mostly ends up looking like this.   
PR Samples
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Monday, August 27, 2012

Lancome Labsolu Rouge 06 Rose Nu

A little while ago I went on a Lancome spree and was clever enough to do it when there was a gift with purchase.  Part of the gift was Labsolu Rouge 06 Rose Nu - Initially I disregarded this lipstick, as you know I am a lover of bright bold lipsticks and Rose Nu looked a little nude and a little plain for me.


Needless to say I was wrong about the colour.  The Lipstick is so moisturising it feels like a lip treatment its a pleasure to wear.  Lancome use Pro-Xylane®, which is a molecule which helps re-shape and replenish the lips.  If that's not enough it also has an SPF of 12.  I think you will agree its not only a beautiful lipstick (both in texture and colour) its also very clever.

Rose Nu is a neutral rose colour, it is Lancomes best Selling Labsolu shade and its easy to see why,  the colour would suit everybody and is a perfect everyday shade. 

The more I try Lancome's products the more impressed I am (especially the lipsticks).  Have you tried any of Lancome's lipsticks?

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

ELF Pink Lemondade Liquid Lipstick

Until my swap with Cinnamon and Zoey Kisses I didn't have any ELF products - I am delighted that she introduced me to the bargain brand.  I have been loving the Luscious Liquid lipstick in Pink Lemonade.

The packaging is not dissimilar to Stila's Lip Glazes - in fact they are pretty much the exact same except that ELF have sponge applicator and Stila have brush applicator.
To start you need to click the product about 12 times (to push the product up through the packaging) after that one or two clicks dispenses enough product for your lips.

The product itself is a lovely lip gloss/lipstick hybrid although I would say it is more like a gloss than a lipstick.  It's light on your lips and not too sticky and has a pleasant Vanilla Mint flavour.  ELF claim the product leaves long lasting colour - I would say its about the same as an average lip gloss.

The shade is a beautiful pink with a gold shine - it's a truly beautiful shade, perfect for summer.

You can pick up Pink Lemonade from here for the bargain price of £1.50.  I will definitely look into getting more ELF products in the future - is there anything you would recommend? Pin It

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Kiko Kajal Khol Pencil Liner 109

For those of you lucky enough to be travelling through Europe this summer, you might want to check out this little beauty bargain.  Sile picked this up for me during a recent trip to Spain.  The brand is Kiko and they had a lovely blue Khol Liner.  Since YSL's eyeliner in Azure Blue has been a makeup hit of the summer I though you might like to check out a more budget version.

I love to check out makeup from different countries so I was delighted at this little beauty.  The pencil - which costs just under five euro - is very soft and very pigmented.

Above on the top is the Kiko liner and on the bottom is the YSL Waterproof Liner in Azure Blue (read my post on YSL's liner here).  The Kiko liner is a pure navy/blue while YSL's liner is a purpley blue.  As you can see the Kiko liner is not an exact dupe but it's in the same colour range.

Don't forget if you would like a chance to win the coveted YSL Liner in Azure Blue we have a brilliant giveaway just click here.   While Kiko is not availalbe in Ireland many of you may have seen the brand on your travels.  Have you picked up and makeup bargains while on holidays? 
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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

NOTD: Essie Bikini So Teeny

I was never really much of a fan of Essie's polishes - I've bought a few of their stand out shades and have been disappointed by the formula which is, in a word, streaky. I also hated the skinny little brush. Mags pointed this shade out to me and I loved it but wasn't gonna get it until I saw that they have a new wide brush  so I thought I'd give them another chance. And who could resist that name?! I think the formula is still its streaky old self but the wider brush does make it easier to apply. It takes three coats to get an even coverage. 

The colour is an absolute beaut - a bluebell blue with very subtle silver shimmer. It was really difficult to photograph the true colour - I'd say the top photo is the most accurate but even that doesn't do it justice. This is super bright, almost a little bit neon-y and very 'wow' in real life. 

Essie polishes are 2 for €18 in Boots until 4th September (normally €12.99 each) - download the voucher here :) What do you think of Essie? Any more shades I should pick up before the promotion ends? 
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Monday, August 20, 2012

Clarins 3 Dot liner - Product Rave

Sometimes when I have a product that I love I get "The Fear", or more specifically, the blogging fear.  I am a little afraid to blog about it.  I love the product, I am amazed by it,  it has impressed me and I don't want to let it down.  For the past couple of weeks I have been using Clarins 3 Dot Liner and it has caused me to get the blogging fear.  I know by now you have probably heard tons about this product but it is by far one of the most outstanding products I have seen this year. 

Clarins have tweaked a staple makeup product made it foolproof.  As makeup artists always tell us to dot or dash liner along the lid and then colour in the gaps, Clarins have taken this snippet of advice and created a product to mimic the effect.

Clarins is a classy brand - whenever I am stumped for skin care to try I know that if I head to Clarins they have some of the best skincare there is.  In fact the only makeup I have from the brand are items that came in gift with purchase bags (I am a sucker for a gift with purchase - side note: brands should have smaller gift bags for people who want to just buy makeup, especially during this current economic meltdown). 

Like most of us, I have a nose on the Internet for new makeup releases so I had seen a sneak preview of this online and thought it was interesting but when I saw it being demonstrated I was in love.  I may have told you before that I am a fan of tight lining my eyes - (a) I have very small eyes which if I am not careful with the liner will take up the whole lid (b) I have a deep seated fear that I will resemble the Scissor Sisters if I go too mental with eye liner (another side note the Scissor Sisters' mammy was on telly a while ago and I happen to think she has quite stunning eyes if you ignore the mental eyebrows/mental hair/mental liner/some of the unsavory facts of the whole Scissor Sisters case).  So for me I have to be very careful with liner - the hungry eyelids and a slight wobble of the hand can mean that my simple lined eye look can quickly resemble Amy Winehouse on a really really bad day. 

The liner itself has three dots (simples) which you dot along your lash line.  The dots are so fine that they replicate the look of your eyelash roots.  This boosts the appearance of your eyelashes making then appear thicker and fuller.  The three dots allow you to create a thinner finer line than other eye liners.  You can almost use the lashes to "lean on" making it simple to apply.

You can see below a swatch of a blue eyeliner pencil and underneath the 3 Dot liner (dotted and swatched).  You can see what fine detail you can achieve - the pencil eyeliner swatch looks massive compared to it.

You can of course use the liner to create a thicker winged effect, something that I have long since learned doesn't suit me - a tip from a makeup artist was to simply thicken the line on the outside of the eye which creates a subtle winged effect on those of us with hungry eye lids.  (See pic below)

I have used the 3 dot liner every day since I got it - I had to use it when I went to my cousin's wedding to create a simple eye to go with my red lips.

What I love most about the 3 Dot liner is the fact that it can be used by all ages - there is no need for slightly more mature women out there to shy away from it as it's fool proof - the subtle dotting will not be affected by any crepyness in the eyes.

There are a number of products coming out which use a similar 3 dot approach (Bourjois and Two Faced). I haven't tried these but my advice would be to see if any product gloops out - with Clarins 3 Dot Liner the perfect amount of product comes out and there is no smudging or gloops of product.

My advice to you is go to your Clarins stand and try out the 3 dot liner (where it is currently available and costs €24.00). You will be amazed at how it defines your eye.
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Friday, August 17, 2012

Win! YSL & Bioderma CLOSED

TGIF! And to make this Friday even better, we've got what we think is a pretty sweet giveaway for you today! We have YSL's Long Lasting Waterproof Eye Pencil in Azure Blue which is seriously gorgeous, (check out Mags' post on it) and as it's waterproof, you're gonna need something to take it off at the end of the day, so we have a mini bottle of Bioderma's cult product, Sensibo H20 Solution Micellaire. If you've been dying to try this, here's your chance! 

Entry this time is simple - just leave a comment below telling us how you follow the blog. We've added a 'Follow by Email' option in the side bar which we'd like to draw a bit of attention to as I think Mags and I are the only people signed up to it so far! You can just pop your email address in the box and you get our posts sent straight to your inbox. 

The giveaway is open internationally and will close at midnight on Friday 31st August. 

Good luck!

**EDIT** please also leave a twitter name or email address so we have a handy way of contacting you :) Pin It

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Color Club Polishes at TK Maxx

Color Club was a brand I hadn't even heard of, much less tried, until recently, when Karen alerted us to the fact that their nail polishes are now available in Ireland. I've been keeping my eyes peeled for them in the many pharmacies I frequent but to no avail. Good aul TK Maxx to the rescue!  

Mags was in the Blanchardstown branch last week and picked up this set of 6 polishes plus a top coat for the little sum of €9.99. These are full size bottles (15ml each) so this is great value. The set is called Alter Ego Keep it Under Cover and Mags did mention to me that she wasn't sure if these are the actual colours that are supposed to be in this set as other sets in the shop seemed to have been mixed up - some sets had multiples of the same colour, etc. A quick google tells me that it should actually look more like this:

So you can see, people were definitely doing swapsies and making up their own sets. Who's to say you couldn't do the same yourself, but we didn't tell you that. I can't tell for definite as there are no names on the polishes, but I think only two of the colours we got are actually supposed to be in the set. No matter, we got some deadly shades. 

I went to Spain for a week and look how long my nails got! They never, ever grow this long at home. I am taking this as further evidence that I am supposed to be living a life of leisure in a warm climate. Surely it's only a matter of time before I win the Euromillions. 

I'm really impressed with these, they go on smoothly and they're opaque in two coats. Will definitely be looking out for more from the brand. Have you tried Color Club? Have you spotted it on sale around Dublin?
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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Beyonce Midnight Heat

I've got a guilty secret - in fact its not really a secret. I LOVE Celebrity Fragrances.  Some people loathe them - fragrance snobs.  It's funny cause snobbery comes in all walks of life, eg. "Oh you're reading Marian Keyes and not War and Peace - how quaint" - To this we should reply "Actually Marian Keyes makes me laugh my ass off AND - you have been attempting to read War and frigging Peace for the past four years, you're still not finished and all you have is a bad back from carrying the lump of a thing around".

So just like I would never turn my nose up at Marian Keyes (she really does make me laugh my ass off), I get really excited when I see a new celebrity fragrance.  The newest of which is Beyonce Midnight Heat - and its a very good one.  Who doesn't love Beyonce?  When I saw her at The Point (yes it's still The Point to me) she literally took my breath away - she wasn't human, she was a goddess,  a beautiful glimmering goddess.  Funny thing was I didn't think I was that big a fan but she brought a lump to my throat and a tear to my eye (yeah I almost got emotional - ALMOST). She was brilliant.  Talented, and what a ride?  What a woman. See, she turned me into a fan girl. 

At my cousin's recent wedding "Single Ladies" came on and just as I was about to charge the dance floor in a visual display of dancing mastery last seen by Kurt from Glee in his football uniform - I realised they were using that song to throw the bouquet.  At that stage of the day himself had been asked about a million times by family members "so when are you getting married" or "you're next". I sat quietly down and shimmied in my seat.  (Just in case you ask (a) we are not the marrying kind - white dress + me + people looking at me = my nightmare and (b) those comments had lead to another cousin to reveal to his wife that he never wanted to get married which was kinda uncomfortable cause we were having our dinner at the time and we had to watch the knives in case she murdered him.)

Back to perfume...

This of course is not Beyonce's first fragrance - she has a range at this stage, the first of which "Heat" was released in 2009.  Midnight Heat is a sexier, evening scent.

So what's in the perfume?

Top Notes: Dragonfruit, Starfruit and Armenia Plum
Hear Notes: Purple Orchid, Black Tulip and Purple Peony
Base Notes:  Warm Amber, Patchouli and Sandalwood.

The fragrance is described as fruity floral gourmand - which is probably why I love it.  It's not too fruity or too floral or too foody - it's just right.  I love the patchouli in the perfume, I always like fragrances that have patchouli although often they can become quite overbearing to me if they are not done right (Madonna fragranced her Like a Prayer cover with patchouli, fact fans) but some perfumes with patchouli, like Angel don't agree with me at all - I love them on other people but on me... blurgh. 

I love this fragrance but don't let the name fool you, I wear it during the day (I'm simply crazy like that) and for me its a perfect day fragrance - even during the summer it's not overpowering.  I imagine that this scent will appeal to a lot of people of varying ages.  When I gave it to my mam to try she loved it and said "I would never think of buying a perfume by yer one but that is lovely". I am not sure if she called Beyonce "yer one" cause she is unimpressed with her or simply doesnt know how to pronounce Beyonce.  My mam is quite fussy with perfumes so the fact that she likes "yer one's" perfume is a good indicator. 

The bottle is beautiful - it's like a genie bottle and the purple colour represents the scent beautifully.  The bottom of the bottle is fancy (like the lady herself).  The bottle was designed by Beyonce (seriously how does she have the time??) and is said to mimic the curves of a woman - see told you fancy bum.
Beyonce Midnight Heat eau de parfum 30ml costs €22.95 and 50ml costs €29.95.  The 50ml comes with a free body lotion (I love a free gift with perfume).

So go and give Beyonce Midnight Heat a sniff - after all who wants to spray War and Peace on their neck??
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