Monday, August 20, 2012

Clarins 3 Dot liner - Product Rave

Sometimes when I have a product that I love I get "The Fear", or more specifically, the blogging fear.  I am a little afraid to blog about it.  I love the product, I am amazed by it,  it has impressed me and I don't want to let it down.  For the past couple of weeks I have been using Clarins 3 Dot Liner and it has caused me to get the blogging fear.  I know by now you have probably heard tons about this product but it is by far one of the most outstanding products I have seen this year. 

Clarins have tweaked a staple makeup product made it foolproof.  As makeup artists always tell us to dot or dash liner along the lid and then colour in the gaps, Clarins have taken this snippet of advice and created a product to mimic the effect.

Clarins is a classy brand - whenever I am stumped for skin care to try I know that if I head to Clarins they have some of the best skincare there is.  In fact the only makeup I have from the brand are items that came in gift with purchase bags (I am a sucker for a gift with purchase - side note: brands should have smaller gift bags for people who want to just buy makeup, especially during this current economic meltdown). 

Like most of us, I have a nose on the Internet for new makeup releases so I had seen a sneak preview of this online and thought it was interesting but when I saw it being demonstrated I was in love.  I may have told you before that I am a fan of tight lining my eyes - (a) I have very small eyes which if I am not careful with the liner will take up the whole lid (b) I have a deep seated fear that I will resemble the Scissor Sisters if I go too mental with eye liner (another side note the Scissor Sisters' mammy was on telly a while ago and I happen to think she has quite stunning eyes if you ignore the mental eyebrows/mental hair/mental liner/some of the unsavory facts of the whole Scissor Sisters case).  So for me I have to be very careful with liner - the hungry eyelids and a slight wobble of the hand can mean that my simple lined eye look can quickly resemble Amy Winehouse on a really really bad day. 

The liner itself has three dots (simples) which you dot along your lash line.  The dots are so fine that they replicate the look of your eyelash roots.  This boosts the appearance of your eyelashes making then appear thicker and fuller.  The three dots allow you to create a thinner finer line than other eye liners.  You can almost use the lashes to "lean on" making it simple to apply.

You can see below a swatch of a blue eyeliner pencil and underneath the 3 Dot liner (dotted and swatched).  You can see what fine detail you can achieve - the pencil eyeliner swatch looks massive compared to it.

You can of course use the liner to create a thicker winged effect, something that I have long since learned doesn't suit me - a tip from a makeup artist was to simply thicken the line on the outside of the eye which creates a subtle winged effect on those of us with hungry eye lids.  (See pic below)

I have used the 3 dot liner every day since I got it - I had to use it when I went to my cousin's wedding to create a simple eye to go with my red lips.

What I love most about the 3 Dot liner is the fact that it can be used by all ages - there is no need for slightly more mature women out there to shy away from it as it's fool proof - the subtle dotting will not be affected by any crepyness in the eyes.

There are a number of products coming out which use a similar 3 dot approach (Bourjois and Two Faced). I haven't tried these but my advice would be to see if any product gloops out - with Clarins 3 Dot Liner the perfect amount of product comes out and there is no smudging or gloops of product.

My advice to you is go to your Clarins stand and try out the 3 dot liner (where it is currently available and costs €24.00). You will be amazed at how it defines your eye.
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  1. Looking very Marilyn Monroe in your pic, lovely!

  2. I love you Mags, who else could watch a documentary about the Scissor Sisters and think the mother has lovely eyes!!! I'm in stitches!! You look fab and you've made me want to actually track down a Clarins stand, which is a first :)x

  3. Great look Mags! I'll be keeping an eye out for the Boujois one, good tip on the gloop test :-)

  4. Wow! Mags you look amazing! I have to agree- very Marilyn Monroe!! I'm terrible at using eyeliner- this seems like it would be perfect! I'll have to take a look!


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