Monday, September 17, 2012

Cargo - Coral Beach

Every once in a while I go through my make up collection - I clear some of it out (give to friends or the bin if necessary) and when I am lucky I find some gems that I have been keeping hidden from myself.   

Cargo isn't readily available in Ireland and I picked this up when I was in America a number of years ago (no doubt part of one of the value packs I love so much).  I was obviously keeping this for "good" use but I decided the time is nigh for beautifully bronzed cheeks.

Coral Beach is like a blusher and bronzer got married and then decided to invite a highlighter along to spice things up.  As the name describes, the Coral Beach gives a coral bronze effect (insert sayings like - right up my street, just my cup of tea, etc. here).  These little metal tins are described as beach blush and they give that ruddy glow that you would naturally get from the sun.  One swipe gives you coloured pretty cheeks - and temples, or wherever you choose to place your bronzer.  It's an easy to use product which makes me question my sanity - why did I keep it from myself?  The product is housed in a little tin -  while it's cute, I am not mad about it, I wouldn't feel comfortable bringing this out in my makeup bag but you get a ton of product (9g is a ton... right?) so its all about product with minimal packaging. 

The product provides a subtle gleam to the skin - so you don't need a highlighter.  Above I added YSL's dare to glow illuminator (read about it here) cause if I am going to glow I am going to Glow Worm glow.  I have been reaching for this constantly for the past couple of weeks since I rediscovered it. I love the effect it gives even if I am not mad on the packaging.

Beauty Bay have a very limited selction of Cargo products (they also stock my beloved Stila) and offer free shipping. They don't currently have Coral Beach in stock but check out their other beach bronzers here where they cost €20.60 - quite possibly the most randomly priced product ever.

I also discoverd a bronzer and lip gloss I was keeping for "good" - I'll let you know how I get on. Have you tried any Cargo? Pin It

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