Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kate Moss Lilabelle Truly Adorable

Lilabelle Truly Adorable is Kate Moss' latest perfume, named for and inspired by her daughter Lila. 

Firstly, I LOVE the bottle - it's a lovely faceted, kind of minimalist art deco style bottle that will look gorgeous on your dressing table or very chic when you whip it out of your bag in public. The only gripe I have is that the perfume's logo is a sticker rather than being etched onto the bottle. I mentioned this to my mother and she said 'jeepers, you're very fussy'. Maybe I am. The box is cute and reminiscent of Kate's style with flowers on a black background.

To the actual perfume: this is a fruity floral with top notes of candy apple, ivy leaves and redcurrant; heart notes of Sweet Pea, Lily of the valley and hawthorn and basenotes of sandalwood, almond wood and cashmere musk. This is really very floral on first spray and Sweet Pea is the definite stand out note for me but it dries down to a  nice musky wearable scent. 

This is a very pretty perfume that brings to mind summer gardens and girly floral dresses. I like :-)

€23.95 for 30ml (but I have seen this on special offer in several places)

What is your favourite celebrity perfume?

*PR sample

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  1. I absolutely love her perfumes, I'll definitely be checking this one out!


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