Thursday, September 27, 2012

NYC Autumn/Winter Nail Polish Pics and Swatches

There's no doubt. Winter is well and truly here, mes amies. I've switched from Weetabix to porridge, salads to soups, and the boots are back on. Another seasonal change I enjoy is switching bright nail polishes for the dark and vampy ones which for some reason just don't look right to me during the summer months but I love them in autumn/winter. NYC have a fab range of berry shades to update your nail wardrobe for the upcoming season at unbelievable prices. 

L-R City Blackout, Boundless Berry, Fine Red Wine, Chelsea Cherry, Chelsea, Rock Muse Smoky Top Coat, Demon Glow Top Coat.
L-R City Blackout, Boundless Berry, Fine Red Wine, Chelsea Cherry
L-R Chelsea, Demon Glow Top Coat, Rock Muse Smoky Top Coat

The Expert Last Nail Polishes retail at €1.99 each while the In a New York Minute Polish and the Rock Muse Smoky Top coat are an amazing €1.29 each. The Rock Muse Smoky Top Coat also works great as a polish in its own right. 

The Demon Glow Top Coat (€2.49) is a deadly sounding product that is designed to glow under UV light - it would be brilliant down the dishco. The other day I made it my business to go to a public toilet that I knew had one of those blue lights in it to see if it would work under that (the things I do for this blog etc.) but unfortunately it didn't, boo.

Despite the price, the quality of these polishes is not lacking. The formula is great, they apply without dragging or streaking and the lasting power is as good as any of the more expensive brands I've used. 

Do you change your nail polish with the seasons too?
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  1. I definitely love Berry shades in the colder months, and these ones are honestly the business!

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