Monday, September 3, 2012

YSL Autumn 2012

For Autumn 2012 YSL have created a stunning look called Contemporary Amazon - to me the look is reminiscent of the 80s with an up to date twist, the big hair, the bold makeup (albeit a lot more tastefully achieved than the 80s managed).  The image condures up a strong powerful woman, with great makeup.
I have an obsession with YSL's packaging - the line is of course a premium makeup line and boy does the packaging let us know.  The lipsticks are held in sleek gold weighty containers - YSL create the type of products that people ask you about when you take them out to reapply - who wouldn't want one of these babies in their bag.  

To create a perfect Autumn - or any glam look every woman should have a classic red lipstick (I say this a lot - what can I say I love a bright vampy lipstick) and this Autumn YSL have introduced Rouge Pur Couture The Mats which are intense shades with matte texture.

Usually I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with mattes,  I love the intense bold colour but my lips are on the dry side most of the time (all of the time - for the most part they are in bits and I have to bring them back to life).  YSL The Mats are a different creation altogether, the pigment is there but the lipstick is so comfortable on the lips and in addition to this the lipstick doesn't appear dry on the lips - there is a pretty sheen.  YSL describe the Mats as giving "Radiant Matteness" - which is exactly what they give- to be honest if I saw them in the shop I would never think they were Matt lipsticks.  There are six different lipsticks released in the Mats range bringing the number of Rouge Pur Couture shades up to 58.  Let me introduce you to this beauty - Rouge Rock  (brilliant name)  Have I mentioned what a joy they are to wear on the lips?  I have?  well I am going to say it again - Rouge Rock both looks and feels fantastic on the lips.  I would advise to mind the lipstick as the packaging can scratch if you just throw it in your handbag - it deserves that special pouch that your phone doesn't fit in.

I love illuminators. I love the effect that they give on the skin although if I am being honest it's a step that I often forget about.  For Autumn YSL have release three Dare to Glow Limited Edition highlighter/enhancers (Tempting Gold, Fatal Red and Naughty Pink).  These are easy to pop into your bag (no excuse for me forgetting to apply them) and unlike many illuminators they have less of a liquid consistency and are a cream/liquid mix.  I have Naughty Pink to show you and  as you can see it is extremely pigmented - you only need a tiny smidgen which I like to use along the top of my cheekbones (yes I have cheek bones discreetly hidden under chipmunk cheeks) and on my cupids bow - as you can see above.

Now for the bad news - the price  Dare to Glow - No3 Naughty Pink Costs €40.00 and Rouge Pur Couture Mat - No 203  Rouge Rock €32.00.  As I have said before YSL are a premium brand and I feel the makeup especially the lipsticks are investment pieces,  because the lipsticks are so beautifully pigmented it means you don't have to apply the product as often - although it's hard to resist whipping out a YSL lipstick because the packaging is simply stunning.   What I like to do is save a few points on my Arnott's or Boots card and then pay that off the lipstick, it hurts the wallet a little less and you're still getting a fancy treat for yourself.

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