Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Blank Canvas Cosmetics F20 Flat Top Kabuki Brush

I remember a time, not too long ago, when it seemed like MAC brushes were the be all and end all of make up brushes. Anyone else remember that? I have to admit I got sucked in and spent way too much money on some fairly mediocre brushes after watching my tenth 'Must Have Mac Brushes' video on You Tube. Yep, I'm a marketer's dream (I bought a product the other day after reading two tweets praising it - two tweets is all it took! I'm so cheap).

These days, thankfully, there are plenty of good quality affordable brushes on the market from the likes of Real Techniques, Eco Tools and Sigma. Now there's a new Irish kid on the block as well: Blank Canvas Cosmetics.

Developed by make up artist Úna Tynan, this range of brushes are designed to bring a professional finish to your make up. We got the F20 Flat Top Kabuki Brush (€12) to try out. The brush looks and feels quite expensive with its black wooden handle and silver ferrule. 

My preferred method of applying foundation is usually with my fingers but there are some very fluid foundations, like YSL's Touche Eclat, which definitely benefit from the use of a brush - and this one is great. It has super soft, very densely packed synthetic bristles which are perfect for buffing or stippling on foundation. It also works well for cream products like blushers, and the bristles are not so densely packed that it can't be used with powder products as well. A bit of an all rounder then. 

It is quite similar to Sigma's F80 brush, although the bristles on the Blank Canvas Cosmetics F20 are slightly longer, making it more suitable for using with powder blushers and bronzers, I think. But if you own the Sigma version already, you probably don't need this. 

Great combo!

Available from

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Monday, October 29, 2012

Lancome La Vie est Belle Fragrance Review

First impressions of this were good - a gold and white sparkly box containing a gorgeous, heavy glass bottle. 
La Vie est Belle's bottle is très chic indeed - all minimalist but beautifully designed, and wearing a jaunty neck scarf which makes me think of elegant French women. 

To be honest, I wasn't expecting to like this perfume at all, simply because I'm not a fan of any of Lancome's other perfumes. I feel that they're more suited to the more mature woman (I'm fooling no one, but I like to keep up the illusion, to myself at least, that I'm still a young one). However, I was pleasantly surprised. I really like this - it's fresh and fruity but also has some musky, powdery substance to it as well. 

Iris is described as the 'backbone' of this fragrance, and it's combined with jasmine, orange blossom, Patchouli, vanilla, praline and pear. Yum!

I've had so many compliments on this and one of the girls in work even bought it after smellling it on me.  It has great lasting power too, I've had comments on it hours after I've sprayed it and long after I've stopped smelling it on myself. 

La Vie Est Belle is available from Lancome counters nationwide - I recommend that you go and have a sniff - you may be pleasantly surprised like me. The RRP is €47 for 30ml. €65 for 50ml and €80 for 75ml. As Christmas is coming up there are some great value gift sets available, where you basically get some complimentary body products for free - score. 

I'm currently rotating this with Thierry Mugler's Angel which is my favourite Winter perfume OF ALL TIME. What's yours?

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Easy Halloween Nail Art from Impress (+review)

I'm not one for nail art. I admire it on other people and the creativity and artistry of some of the designs is amazing (Cherry Sue and Lynnie, I'm looking at you), but I'm not bothered to do it on myself. This is because a. I'm too lazy and b. my nails are so flaky that any design that could've taken a whole evening to apply would last, oh, about half an hour on my nails. 

Another thing that I thought wasn't for me is false nails or stick on nails, because of my massive nail beds. Seriously, they're huge, manicurists always comment on them. 

So, I was really interested to try out these Broadway Impress press-on nails. These come in cute nail polish-esque bottles and contain 24 different sized pre-glued press on nails, a mini nail file and a wipe for preparing your nails before application. You simply wipe your bare nails with the wipe, or with nail polish remover, select the correctly sized nail for each of your talons, peel back the plastic backing and stick them on. Heading out last weekend, I decided to try these pink zebra print ones, called 'Lil Drumr Grl'.

I'll get the cons out of the way first. I was sort of right about my nails being too big for false nails - the width was fine but I had to file my nails right down so that my own nails weren't peeking out from underneath the Impress ones (you can see in the above pic that I needed to file my ring finger nail more). Also, the smallest nails in the pack were too small for me. Obviously there is extra thickness on your nails. This is fine, but for me the Impress nails didn't sit flush with my own nails, there was a slight gap in between the two at the top. Again, this could be because of my big nails - the bit of the false nails that is supposed to come up over the top of the finger was instead sitting on top of my nails. The gap didn't annoy me at all, except when it came to washing my hair and it kept getting caught in between the two.

So, despite all that, I loved these. They are such a quick and easy way of giving your nails a fun, nail art, look and they're very impressive looking - I have never had so many compliments on my nails as I had when wearing these. They felt secure on the whole time I was wearing them (they can last up to a week but I took them off after four days) and I didn't feel at any point like they were in danger of pinging off. When you want to take them off, they peel off quite easily, if you're having any trouble you can hold a cotton pad soaked in nail polish remover over the edges of the nails and it helps the process along. There was no damage to my nails after using them. 

These are available in a myriad of designs and block colours, including the special Halloween versions in the top photo - great for adding a bit of a Halloween touch to your person if you're not dressing up - I'll be wearing those cat eye ones on Wednesday :)

Impress nails are available from pharmacies and Penneys, among other stockists, check out their Facebook page for more. 

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Thursday, October 25, 2012


My amazing swap buddy, Yessie from Cinamon and Zoey Kisses (go and say hi cause she is lovely) sent me over more American goodies.  I am so excited to try the Mint Julep Masque and let you know how I get on , along with more Maybelline Baby Lips (I am obsessed with these) and a whole heap of other things that I will be trying and telling you about.

See any products you would like a closer look at, or a review on?

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Stila Smudge Pot Bronze

I love Stila's smudge pots and I love them even better when my bestie surprises me with one. Luckily enough she checked with the lovely Sue at Stila's new Harvey Nichols counter as to what I had recently purchased  (I had just been in the day before making a nuisance of myself). If this smudge pot was just brown I would be delighted - I happen to love brown eyeliner, it does all black eyeliner does without looking as harsh or making my eyes look smaller.  However I was over the moon when I saw Bronze which is a beautiful bronze metallic shadow/ liner hybrid.  This colour does more for my eyes than a simple brown ever could. The light colours brighten up the look of my eye and I have been using it practically every day.

Stila Smudge Pots cost €14.00 which is phenomenal value and you can pick them up from both (where shipping is free to Ireland and the UK) or at the new counter in Harvey Nicks Dundrum.

P.S. My bestie designed this storage box for me - check it out here and she put the smudge pot inside as an added surprise - really they should clone her because she is amazing.
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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

INGLOT's Amazing Halloween Make Up without the Scary Prices

We got a press release from INGLOT yesterday with some photos of examples of the Halloween makeovers they're offering in their stores and they're so amazing, I just had to share. 

I'm always watching Halloween make up tutorials on You Tube in awe (Siobhán from Letzmakeup has some amazing ones) but I know I wouldn't be able to recreate them. This way, you get to have a professional do all the work for you. The Halloween makeovers cost €30 which is redeemable against products and bookings are being taken in all six INGLOT stores nationwide now. If you're going down the pretty rather than the ghoulish route, INGLOT can also cater for that, and they have a huge range of really fun lashes. You should totally be ghoulish though. Isn't it much better to go all out with your make up rather than spending a fortune on some costume that you'll never wear again? And you can get yourself some new products in the process! 

What are you dressing up as this year? I'm still undecided but really tempted to try one of these makeovers! Pin It

Monday, October 22, 2012

NOTD: Zoya Kristen

Another Monday, another Zoya NOTD... Kristen is a pale grey that has a slight hint of blue. Very classy and work appropriate, and a great colour for this time of year if you don't want to go down the dark route. 

I'm loving Zoya polishes at the moment. I've got some gorgeous glitters to show you next :)

Available from Supernail Ireland 
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Friday, October 19, 2012

Lady Gaga Fame Review

If you live under a very dull rock you won't have heard of Lady Gaga, after all she is the kind of lady who would take your dull rock, fancy it up a bit and turn it into some form of headgear. She has been compared to Madonna numerous times but I like to think she is a lot more like another Queen of Pop - Mr. Elton John. Think about it. There is the extravagant clothes, the controversy and most of all the talent that she has.
Everybody wants a bit of Gaga (she is so hot right now) and she has decided to give us a snippet in the form of her new perfume Fame. Of course Gaga gives us a different twist on perfume - she has given us the first ever black to clear eau de parfum (it actually works - I was slightly afraid my arm would be stained). Although I am a fan, I am not the biggest Lady Gaga fan. I have seen her in concert (she was amazing but I would leave the kids at home cause she can be a little naughty) and of course her songs go into my head and stay there - I couldn't wait to smell Fame. I was curious to see what she would come up with.

Inspired by the statement "If you don't have any shadows, you're not standing in the light" - I kinda like that statement although it's probably seen as a little dark, to me I get there is darkness and light in each of us. The bottle is described as "sexy ugly" - like most people after a night on the tiles perhaps? It's a smooth egg with a huge gold monster claw cap (for her little monsters). 

The perfume looks dark and its notes include Belladonna (remember the film Practical Magic with Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman? Well they used Belladonna to drug the dude out of ER - ah I love that movie). When I hear the word Belladonna I think "Sexy Witch".

Top: Belladonna, Apricot, Saffron.
Middle: Orchid, jasmine
Base: Incense, Honey.
The initial notes are dark and sexy but the perfume transitions into something a little more pretty and traditional - like the artist herself. For all her hair wigs and mental looking outfits she is a traditional family girl and the perfume itself is a bit of a surprise, it softens into something pretty and unexpected. The bottle is exactly what you would expect from Lady Gaga but the perfume is surprisingly sweet and after its initial boldness, it's delicate and feminine.

The Monsters Claw Cap is pretty big and heavy and I was thinking about some of the things you could use it for and I have demonstrated them below:
1. a giant spot remover - it would have to be a really impressive spot
2. to attack people - its kinda scary and very weighty - Gaga's version of brass knuckles
3. a head massager - just don't puncture your skull
4. a bracelet - actually they should put a loop on it to create a bracelet, it would be like GAGA does Wonder Woman.

Lady GAGA Fame is available now. 30ml is  €29.95 £25.00, 50ml is  €37.95 £32.00 and 100ml €69.95 £55.00.

Although I don't think Fame will become my signature scent I can see it working on a myriad of age groups from young girls to older ladies (with varying degrees of gaganess). I guarantee that if you smell Fame you will be surprised. Pin It

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Waxperts - You don't have to go as far as Brazil, just take a trip to Dun Laoghaire


So when we received an email from Waxperts asking us did we want to try a wax I jumped at the opportunity - I thought HA this will be an opportunity for Sile to try an experiment. When I said to Sile "it's your turn", I was answered with short and decisive "pift". You can read into a lot from such a word and I grasped that she mean "No feckin' way, not in a million years - you said we would do it so you get it done". See she is quite decisive without any messing around.

When I was mailing the lovely Ellen, owner of Waxperts, I asked what would they like me to try and she said their most popular treatment was the Brazilian, so I said I would love to try it. Now to be honest with you my first thought was "I need to lose weight for this" which is kinda my first thought for most things (eating ice cream, going shopping, a Wednesday) so I was concentrating on that more than what I was letting myself in for. I emailed Ellen and said "I need to lose weight for this and oh by the way what does the Brazilian remove?" Ellen kindly replied of course you don't need to lose weight that they are concentrating on removing all the body hair and not the body and with the Brazilian all the hair underneath on the lips/labia and bum is removed leaving a small amount of hair in the front of the bikini line.
WHAT'S THAT? All I could think of was I HAVE HAIR ON MY BUM??? What the hell? Don't you just hate to find new body hair to worry about? I'll let you all absorb that for a moment. BUM HAIR.
Now as we know bikini hair removal can be a quite controversial subject matter. We could argue that society is forcing us to remove our bikini hair, turning us into identikit porn stars. We could even argue that evolution gave us hair there for a reason. I have one word that will argue with evolution and that word is "platypus". Come on, if evolution gave us a platypus, the most ridiculous of all creatures, it could have made a few other mistakes along the way.

The reality for me is I have had bikini waxes before, I have even had laser hair removal on my bikini line (FYI it doesn't remove all the hair but reduces it by about 80%) and I keep the area tidy with a hedge trimmer bikini trimmer. So for me the reason I haven't gotten anything further than a basic bikini is embarrassment (I need to lose weight for it) and the fact that I don't really like people touching me. When people find out how much I love makeup and beauty they wonder why I didn't get a job working in that area - the reality of the situation is I don't really like to touch people and the idea of waxing people would give me heebie-jeebies.

Between the newly acquired knowledge that I had bum hair and the fact that somebody was going to remove hair WITH WAX from a sensitive area of my body, I was more than a little anxious. While talking to my hairdresser she said that she had Brazilians before and to quote her directly "they are like smear tests - once you have had it done once you're grand". This conversation left me with two overwhelming thoughts 1. do I perhaps have inappropriate conversations with my hairdresser and 2. HOLY CRAP last time I had a smear I had to take a Valium (cause as I said before I don't like to be touched) and I was still told that I needed to relax.

On a beautiful bright sunny Friday afternoon I took myself off to Dun Laoghaire to Waxperts and as I walked in I knew I was someplace special - the decor was pure luxury but not intimidating (think pin up girl pictures, chaise longue and gilded mirrors) and they had Halloween decorations up. I love Halloween.

When I went into the room I noticed that there was a TV on the wall and settled down to watch Fair City (I don't actually watch Fair City normally). I think this small feature alone is genius, I was totally distracted (who needs Valium when you have Fair City?). When you lie on the couch you're in a kind of relaxed meditation position with the soles of your feet against each other (your legs are not flying in the air in an undignified manner). Fair City or not my nerves took over and as I was being waxed I asked about 101 questions. Of course I wanted to know what it was like to have to wax lady bits all day. My lovely waxer explained that when she was training she excelled at waxing, she was good at it and when working for a salon that concentrates on waxing they don't pay much attention to the body (so I didn't need to lose weight after all) or the lady bits (she was wearing gloves the whole time - not woolly gloves though cause that would have been weird), they just want to remove the hair.
While I was nattering away one thought began to overwhelm me "This doesn't really hurt, I must be triple hard or perhaps I am transitioning into a superhero where small things like waxing cause no pain". Of course these thoughts went on for a while especially when I felt the wax on more sensitive areas, when I was asked was I OK I said "I think I must have a high pain threshold" (I thought it best not to mention my superhero theory just yet). I was told this is the secret of Waxperts. Remember bikini waxes of old where you would walk around like John Wayne afterwards? Waxperts treatments are completely different. They put a soothing oil onto the skin before they wax it, this treatment ensures that the skin is not dragged when the wax strip is removed and that the wax just removes hair and not half of your skin, in addition to this the wax is very thick almost a rubber like consistency, it also works at a lower temperature and after the strips are removed cooling cotton pads are applied to the area with another treatment oil.
Immediately after the strips were removed I didn't really feel any pain and even as I walked around (I had to get an ice cream after all it's the law when in Dun Laoghaire) I was grand. I was left smooth and clean with a kind of ronnie at the top of my bikini area. The thing with the Brazilian that I couldn't get over was how clean I felt - I know perhaps I should have felt sexy or whatever but I felt clean and neat (especially during girly moments). I honestly could not get over how easy the treatment was, even doing the bum hair (yeah I am still talking about that) you just hug your legs to your stomach and then turn over. I was due to go back and get a top up for my holidays (which I should be on as you're reading this) but I didn't actually need to because the hair was still gone.
I would definitely get this treatment done again. Not only is it less embarrassing than I thought but also due to their expertise Waxperts wax doesn't hurt that much. Of course for me Dun Laoghaire is a little out of the way but luckily Waxperts also train other salons in their wondrous ways (check out their Facebook page (here) for other salons that use Waxperts). Go and visit Waxperts for all your waxing needs - they are not called experts for nothing.
P.S. when I told himself that I was getting a Brazilian done for the blog, he was horrified - and I was a little shocked, aren't men supposed to be obsessed with lady hair? It turns out that he thought I was going to be putting before and after pictures on the blog ...... come on we are not that kinda blog, but just in case you're curious...

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Vichy Dercos Nourishing Reparative Shampoo - Product Rave HOLY GRAIL

My hair is long and highlighted which translates to - it's dry and damaged. Well, it was dry and damaged.  During the summer I tried my best to let it air dry and not use heat products because the first thing that happens when the weather changes is my scalp gets a little dry and of course I have to use a hairdryer which dries out my hair even more. 

This is what usually happens but not this Autumn oh no... not with my secret weapon which is Vichy Dercos Nourishing Reparative Shampoo.  The first time I used the shampoo I thought "sure that's grand" and nothing really more, it was nice with a soft clean fragrance but I wasn't overwhelmed.

The magic of this shampoo is it kinda sneaks up on you, one day you don't notice anything and BAM next thing your hair looks AMAZING. 

Vichy discovered that healthy hair consists of Keratin and Lipids and between dying our hair and heat styling (all the things that help us to look like normal human beings) we damage the cuticle of the hair and this is when our hair starts looking like the child in the film The Ring.

Vichy have used three oils in this shampoo to nourish the hair Sweet Almond Oil (to nourish, strengthen, smooth split ends and dry and damaged hair),  Rosehip Oil (antioxidant, soothing and moisturising on the scalp and hair) and Safflower Oil (to restore vigour and strength to dry hair and facilitate styling).  In addition to this Vichy have added Keratin to strengthen the hair, Cystenine which can prevent hair loss and Arginine which encourages hair growth.

Vichy claim that hair will be restored after 10 shampoos - to be honest with you I hadn't read that part, I just went on washing my hair. At first I noticed the dryness around my hairline was gone and then after a couple of washes I noticed that my hair felt fantastic, it looked fantastic and it was shining.  Now anybody who as blonde hair knows that it generally is never really shiny - that is something left for other hair colours - but my hair shone like the sun.  A older gentleman that I work with commented that I looked like the girl from the Timotei advert.  Now this is significant when somebody who would normally walk over your fallen decapitated body notices something as insignificant (to men) as shiny hair - you know that something is working.

The shampoo is paraben free, colorant free, hypoallergenic, suitable for sensitive scalps and light in silicone. I was worried that once I started to use another shampoo that the Vichy effect would wear off but I have used other shampoos in between and my hair holds its great condition, the hair stays healthy and strong.

My hair is left exceptionally soft and shiny - if it wasn't so long and highlighted I wouldn't need a conditioner.  It's so soft that as we were watching TV himself was stroking my hair saying "your hair is so soft" which makes him sound like a bit of a weirdo but trust me it was the hair. 

My nephew (little cutie that he is) thinks that I am the "Girl with the lovely hair from Tangled". I swear I did not pay him to say that - he also thinks that when I wave to him from my balcony I am trapped in a tower (insert negative equity joke here any time you want).  Vichy's shampoo doesn't just give the just stepped out of a salon - its  so amazing it gives your hair "just stepped out of a Disney movie" look. ;)

Vichy Dercos Nourishing Reparative Shampoo costs €10.50 and although I initially thought this was expensive for a shampoo (I usually buy whatever shampoo is on special offer and I have been know to buy shampoo from Aldi and Lidl such is my drive for a bargain) this shampoo actually WORKS and makes your hair look exceptional, in addition to this if you take away the price of other products that you would use in an attempt to get hair like this you're actually saving money.

I love this shampoo and I will buy it again and again. I didn't really think you could have a Holy Grail shampoo but I do and Vichy is it. Pin It

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick Fiore

This post practically doesn't need words - I mean look at this colour, scroll down and have a look. I'll wait for you.  

At the launch of Stila's counter in Harvey Nick's Dublin, I spied this baby and when I learned they would be in stock the following week I somehow found myself at the counter where the lovely Sue handed me this beauty (if you're at the Stila counter go and ask Sue about the products - she is lovely).  The long wear lip colours cost €19.90 but they only need one application and they really last all day, through porridge and tea and all the other daily trials that I put the lipstick through.  This colour is stunning, go and have a look and tell me what you think.

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Monday, October 15, 2012

NOTD: Zoya Skylar

Today's NOTD is another Zoya lovely. Skylar is a really unusual greyish dark blue with gold and silver shimmer. This looks glittery on but dries completely smooth, something I love about Zoya polishes. It's a nice autumnal colour that's a bit different to the usual reds and plums. 

Zoya polishes are available from Supernail Ireland

Have you tried any Zoya? If so, leave me some recommendations in the comments please!
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Friday, October 12, 2012

Dusty - Where thrills are cheap and love is divine

I love You Tube. I can quite happily spend hours arsing around looking at videos but after a while even your favourite gurus can let you down EXCEPT Dustin Hunter.  Dustin is unique and funny and charming and to be quite honest so freaking talented I am beginning to think he is some kind of woodland or mythical creature possessing rare and talented gifts not bestowed on us regular humans (a cheeky imp perhaps?).

Dusty's videos are a great representation of who I think he is - they are funny, charming, knowledgeable, entertaining and did I say funny?  He is insanely talented being a musician, artist, graphic artist and makeup artist (see he is obviously some kind of mystical creature - there is no other explanation).

I just know that we would be great friends, oh how we would laugh (I am smiling at the imaginary memory) - the reality of the situation is I would say something weird (cause I get nervous) then I would start maniacally laughing all by myself while he would try and back away slowly while trying not to startle me.  Then I would think "sure that went better than I thought" (what can I say I have a habit of saying things that weird out people) and he would try and get some kind of restraining order, which would impress me cause I would think "he thinks I am especially weird enough for a restraining order" (am now smiling at new and weirder imaginary memory).

Dustin doesn't just go for the cool and hip brands (I realise by describing them as cool and hip I am making myself the opposite of cool and hip), he uses the brands that he thinks are good, not what the masses think is the new "It" product or brand. Mr Hunter even has me buying Estee Lauder a brand that I thought was for older women (careful now).  I show everybody who looks at You Tube his videos, I have even shown my mam and attempted to show himself (this is usually where he gets annoyed at me, I asked did he want to see this blog NO was the answer ...look there is Sile's hand, there is my hand - must have had quite a few NOTD that week -  he wasn't interested, he is a man of few words, which are usually "Turn on Burn Notice").

A few years ago Madonna (before she had the fake English accent) was famous for owning the Freida Kahlo painting which depicts Kahlo giving birth to herself. Madonna famously said she could never like anybody who didn't like the painting..... and that is exactly how I feel about Dustin Hunter (not that I want to see a painting of him giving birth to himself) but I don't think I could understand anybody not liking him or his videos.

If you didn't love him before you will love that he has researched how we can all shop in American online shops like Sephora (here) and of course his site is having a little transformation for Halloween (and who doesn't love Halloween?).  Please check out his site for all your entertainment and educational needs.

Dusty - Where thrills are cheap and love is divine (a KOL quote) you're literally accessing free, Divine Comedy, information and entertainment.  When I see his videos in my subscription box I click straight away or make myself a cup of tea so I can sit and enjoy.

And don't forget to Take Care and Drive Safe.
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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Stila Smudge Pot - Black Cat

The night of the Stila launch Sile fell in love with the Smudge pot in Black Cat. It being a Stila product, I had to nick it off her to play around with.  Smudge pots are gel eyeliners which can also be used as a shadow.  They are easy to use as a liner but you can also smudge them out to use them as a shadow, which I have done in the bottom picture. In short, they are feckin' brilliant.
Black Cat is a snazzy little smudge pot which has tiny silver flecks in it.  The smudge pots are easy to use - you can use a brush or your fingers, but remember that these set so you don't have all day to work with them.  A little hint would be to make sure you close the pots when you're finished with them (and tighten the lid). I have smudge pots for years but if you're careless, they will dry out.
If you're looking for an all round colour you could try Stila's stand out shade Kitten smudge pot which you can also use as a highlighter.  I used Kitten all over my eyes and then used Black Cat as a glitzy liner - it's a simple pretty look.
Smudge pots are multi use products that can last for years, all for €14.00.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection

When I found out MAC were releasing a Marilyn Monroe collection I was excited - the joining together of two of my favourite things, Marilyn and Makeup.  I spent the year searching for swatches and information on the collection, keeping birthday vouchers and empty MAC products for back to MAC.   The collection hit the shops last Thursday (4th October) and I was in Brown Thomas first thing that morning.
I am not the biggest MAC fan, don't get me wrong, I have quite a bit of MAC makeup but I hate the constant "Limited Edition" collections, the packaging to me is generally a bit dull and I think it's rather overpriced for what you get.  But come on, this is Marilyn Monroe.
Marilyn fans will know it's 50 years since her death so why didn't MAC release this for the anniversary, or maybe her birthday? I think either of those would have made better sense to me. 
Onto the makeup :
The first thing on my list was the Beauty Powder which cost €29.00 - to be honest I bought this purely for the packaging as beauty powders seem like a bit of a waste of time to me but I have used this as an all over powder (it's extremely light) and it's pretty.  Get it if you like the packaging, not for the actual product (I have a beauty powder from the Barbie collection but I swapped the powder in the packaging for something that I use).

I wasn't going to get an eyeshadow until I realised that they were slightly bigger than normal MAC shadows and so they should be costing €21.50.  I decided on Preferred Blonde, a light champagne colour but when I got to the shop I decided to get Showgirl too which is a beautiful grey/blue/silver.  The shadows are pretty but they are quite chunky and to be honest Stila's Kitten could do a similar and probably better job - what can I say, the packaging sucked me in.
Preferred Blonde all over the lids with Showgirl in the crease and a brown pen liner (by Stila) 
The blush I picked up was the shade Legend (€24.00). The Marilyn stand wasn't in the shop so I didn't actually see the other shade.    Legend looks like nothing. Sure, it's a pretty soft peach colour, kinda meh in the pan. I have no direct swatches because they wouldn't show up on my hand very well - this is all adding up to sound like I don't like this product, but I love it.  The shade adds a gentle glow to the cheeks which is just enough when you're wearing a bold lip colour, it brightens up the face and is one of my favourite products that I bought. I guess it shows you that the quiet ones can sometimes surprise you.  

The stars of the show are the lipsticks - there are 5 lipsticks in the collection costing €19.50. As you can see below (where the name is above the lipstick shade and swatch) there are a lot of reds in the collection.  Over the last few months I used up as many MAC products as I could and managed to get 4 free lipsticks with back to MAC (in case you don't know MAC have a programme where when you return 6 empty products to the shop you can get a free lipstick).  My favourite of the bunch was Love Goddess and I picked up a back up of this.  When you think of Marilyn you think red lips, she also used a number of different reds to create her signature lip.  The shades are beautiful varieties of red and one neutral and I found them to be quite long lasting.

Love Goddess is the perfect pinky red colour that is not over the top.  This will be my new everyday colour.

I'll admit I bought a lot (luckily with birthday vouchers) and even the girl in MAC thought I was a bit bonkers.
When I initially saw images for the collection I was a little disappointed - it could have had a bit more oomph, however now I have the makeup in my hands I really like a lot of it. Would I have bought so much if Marilyn was not on the packaging - definitely not. 
My picks of the collection are the lipstick in Love Goddess and the surprise hit is the Blush in Legend.

 I hope I left some MAC Marilyn Monroe collection for you. What did you think of the collection?

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