Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Vichy Dercos Nourishing Reparative Shampoo - Product Rave HOLY GRAIL

My hair is long and highlighted which translates to - it's dry and damaged. Well, it was dry and damaged.  During the summer I tried my best to let it air dry and not use heat products because the first thing that happens when the weather changes is my scalp gets a little dry and of course I have to use a hairdryer which dries out my hair even more. 

This is what usually happens but not this Autumn oh no... not with my secret weapon which is Vichy Dercos Nourishing Reparative Shampoo.  The first time I used the shampoo I thought "sure that's grand" and nothing really more, it was nice with a soft clean fragrance but I wasn't overwhelmed.

The magic of this shampoo is it kinda sneaks up on you, one day you don't notice anything and BAM next thing your hair looks AMAZING. 

Vichy discovered that healthy hair consists of Keratin and Lipids and between dying our hair and heat styling (all the things that help us to look like normal human beings) we damage the cuticle of the hair and this is when our hair starts looking like the child in the film The Ring.

Vichy have used three oils in this shampoo to nourish the hair Sweet Almond Oil (to nourish, strengthen, smooth split ends and dry and damaged hair),  Rosehip Oil (antioxidant, soothing and moisturising on the scalp and hair) and Safflower Oil (to restore vigour and strength to dry hair and facilitate styling).  In addition to this Vichy have added Keratin to strengthen the hair, Cystenine which can prevent hair loss and Arginine which encourages hair growth.

Vichy claim that hair will be restored after 10 shampoos - to be honest with you I hadn't read that part, I just went on washing my hair. At first I noticed the dryness around my hairline was gone and then after a couple of washes I noticed that my hair felt fantastic, it looked fantastic and it was shining.  Now anybody who as blonde hair knows that it generally is never really shiny - that is something left for other hair colours - but my hair shone like the sun.  A older gentleman that I work with commented that I looked like the girl from the Timotei advert.  Now this is significant when somebody who would normally walk over your fallen decapitated body notices something as insignificant (to men) as shiny hair - you know that something is working.

The shampoo is paraben free, colorant free, hypoallergenic, suitable for sensitive scalps and light in silicone. I was worried that once I started to use another shampoo that the Vichy effect would wear off but I have used other shampoos in between and my hair holds its great condition, the hair stays healthy and strong.

My hair is left exceptionally soft and shiny - if it wasn't so long and highlighted I wouldn't need a conditioner.  It's so soft that as we were watching TV himself was stroking my hair saying "your hair is so soft" which makes him sound like a bit of a weirdo but trust me it was the hair. 

My nephew (little cutie that he is) thinks that I am the "Girl with the lovely hair from Tangled". I swear I did not pay him to say that - he also thinks that when I wave to him from my balcony I am trapped in a tower (insert negative equity joke here any time you want).  Vichy's shampoo doesn't just give the just stepped out of a salon - its  so amazing it gives your hair "just stepped out of a Disney movie" look. ;)

Vichy Dercos Nourishing Reparative Shampoo costs €10.50 and although I initially thought this was expensive for a shampoo (I usually buy whatever shampoo is on special offer and I have been know to buy shampoo from Aldi and Lidl such is my drive for a bargain) this shampoo actually WORKS and makes your hair look exceptional, in addition to this if you take away the price of other products that you would use in an attempt to get hair like this you're actually saving money.

I love this shampoo and I will buy it again and again. I didn't really think you could have a Holy Grail shampoo but I do and Vichy is it. Pin It


  1. I have another one from the Dercos range, and have to say it's quite amazing. It's rare enough we find shampoo that actually works at making our hair better!

  2. Ladies, where do you get your mitts on this? My local Vichy stockist doesn't have it.

    1. Hi Samantha, as far as I know Vichy stockists *should* have it but to check stockists you can ring 1890 946 328 or contact Vichy through the website here:


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