Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sephora - I went, I shopped

During my recent holiday I got to visit Sephora - now with me being a beauty junkie you would think that I spent the whole holiday there - WRONG.  Since I was on holidays with himself  I was very limited in my shopping, he HATES SHOPPING and what's more he doesn't understand why I would need makeup if I already have some (it's like he doesn't know me at all).  I thought that he would enjoy Victoria's Secret but other than repeating "It's the biggest lingerie section in the whole of Orlando" (he is a huge Father Ted fan - but then who isn't?) he didn't.  When we reached Sephora we brokered a deal where I would have 15 minutes of uninterrupted shopping while he waited outside at the conveniently located seats whilst minding the bags.

Normally when you see people in supermarket sweep or a horror movie (and only being able to spend 15 minutes in Sephora was a horror)  and they just stand around like headless chickens, you shout at the screen "Move you idiot".  If I am being honest the first five minutes of the precious time were spent with me doing what can only be described as an idiotic impression of Maria in the Sound of Music, twirling around the makeup stands with a look of wonder and excitement on my face - there was no singing (I think).

Since funds were tight and I already own a bit of makeup (ahem) I decided I would only buy products that I couldn't get in Ireland so here are the four (yes 4) things that I bought.

You know I am a sucker for a value set and when I spotted the myriad of Christmas sets Sephora had, it confused me. What should I get? Should I get them all?   I went for the very pretty Sephora Glitz and Glam Party Sampler and isn't she pretty?

The set includes :
Stila Duo Shimmer Powder in Kitten
Laura Mercier Baked Eye Color Black Karat (I had my eye on this for a while)
bareMinerals Eyecolor in Good Fortune
SEPHORA by OPI Nail Colour in Looks Like Rain Dear
Josie Maran GOGO Instant Natural Volume Argan Mascara in Black
Nars Body Glow (am already a huge fan of this)
Lorac 3D Liquid Lustre Gold
Bare Escentuals Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss in Trail Blazer
Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner in Starfish

All this comes in a very cute and stylish makeup bag which is currently in my handbag, I'll let you know how I get along with the products.  The set cost $45.00 which is fantastic value for a good range of products.

I love Tarte products. I am not sure if I love them cause they are beautiful products with health promoting ingredients or if it's the fact that I can't buy them in Ireland.  I really wanted the Tarte Fantastic Foursome Amazonian Clay Blush Set but they were sold out so I picked up a Glamazon Pure Performance Lipstick in Foxy.  Look how huge the lipstick container is for such a small amount of product.  The lipstick costs $26.00 and in hindsight if I had more time I probably could have spent my money a little better.

Next on my list was the Tarte 5 piece Lipsurgence set,  I already have a lipsurgence which I love so this value set for $34.00 was a must have especially when they are sold on their own for $24.00.

Now for my last and most exciting purchase - the Tarte Carried Away Collectors set.  This set is pretty amazing. It's housed in a stunning gold and fuchsia bag and contains:

12-Hour Blush in Adventurous (shimmering rose)
Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder
8  Maracuja Lip Glosses (these all seem very nice but very sheer)
Lights, Camera, Lashes! 4-In-1 Mascara
Face brush
24 Amazonian Clay Eyeshadow (in every shade imaginable)
What's more amazing is Tarte  forumlate their products without Parabens,Sulfates, Synthetic Fragrances, Petrochemicals, Phthalates, GMOs and Triclosan. I have only played around with the shadows a little bit and they are butter soft - really beautiful. 

These sets would make amazing Christmas presents and if you're lucky enough to have access to a Sephora (lucky thing) I urge you to check them out.  Like many Irish Ladies I have discovered that Sephora don't ship to Ireland and what's more than that they don't accept credit cards online from outside the USA. However, there are ways and means. In a recent post from my beloved Dusty O Hunter (check it out here) he tells us how it can be done- along with help from his reader
Kimberley says:
I live in Australia and I have used Hop Shop Go many times to forward things from Sephora to me! They do have some restrictions, like they won’t ship nail polish or perfume but pretty much everything else is okay. Hop Shop Go will also do the payment for you, as sephora doesn’t take international credit cards. You can pay by PayPal! I hope this was helpful!
I haven't tried this but would be very interesting to give it a go.

I'll leave you with this image of himself, totally stressed out by shopping (please note that the American Eagle bag is hoodies for HIM and the Dillard's bag is a bag for his mam). He had to keep taking breaks due to the stress of it all - this was our 'before Sephora' break. Poor thing

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  1. Ooooh this has me all excited to visit Sephora! I'm going to try to be as restrained as you but I don't hold much hope ;) Can't wait to see swatches of evvvvvvvvvvverything!

  2. Wow I'm actually sick with jealousy at all your goodies!!

  3. Love it all. I had meant to send you some Tarte items but with all the hectic things, I couldn't:'( The Gift sets are out already and I cant even step inside Sephora-I'm not a window shopper!!


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