Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Stila Brush Set Christmas 2012

When buying Christmas presents I tend to go with a "one for you, one for me" approach especially when I set eyes on Stila's fantastic Christmas sets.  Now as you know I am a huge Stila fan and I particularly love their brushes which have lasted me years.  Stila's Christmas Brush Set is fantastic, really cute and when I found out it costs €24.00 I snapped one up on a recent visit to the sparkly new Stila Stand in Harvey Nicks Dublin.

There are five brushes in this set all with beautiful arctic blue handles (ah sure I don't know if they are arctic blue but it sounds suitably festive). The quality of the brush handles is the same as their usual (normally black handled) brushes except these are slightly shorter - although not tiny nubbin brushes like some brands release as Christmas sets.
The brushes that are in the set are pretty much everything you need to create a face of makeup - no bizarre extra brushes that you would only use on the second Sunday in January to create the perfect prison tattoos - these are all brushes that you would use every day. 

The set includes:
  • #24 powder brush
  • #5 eye shadow brush
  • #33b domed concealer brush
  • #33a foundation brush
  • #4 smudger/liner brush
First up is the Number 24 powder brush.  I am used to big fat whopper face brushes which I tend to use to apply bronzer, so when I saw this I was thinking it won't "size up" so to speak against my face.  I started to use the brush to apply blush and it is perfect.  It picks up the right amount of product and without any effort applies it to my face.  It makes the perfect cheek brush.

33a foundation brush and the 33b domed concealer brush are usually together on a double ended brush (you can read about that here) that happens to be one of my favourite foundation brushes so I am delighted to see them included in the set. 

The foundation brush allows you to brush on your foundation in no time, it's like a flat foundation brush and a bigger brush had a baby.  In essence you can brush on your foundation and buff it out at the same time which makes it very easy to use and it also doesn't eat half of your foundation (some foundation brushes can be so hungry).  It's another simple to use and essential brush.

33b domed concealer brush - Oh how I love.  Seriously this magic little brush helps me to apply concealer in the same manner as the foundation brush, by applying and blending out the product quickly and easily.  What I love most about this brush is that it manages to fit beautifully under my eyes and also around my nostrils which get very red indeed.   I hate those flat concealer brushes that just kinda wipe the product around your face, recently of course fluffy brushes have become the trend for applying concealer.  This brush mixes the two but as well as applying the product beautifully it also perfectly fits the contours of your face.  It is wonderful to use.

No 5 eye shadow brush - in fairness you wouldn't really be able to create a face without having a basic eyeshadow brush.    As you can see below it's very similar to the MAC 213 but slightly wider and slightly less dense.  I love these kind of brushes to apply my eyeshadow.  This brush is another easy to use, essential brush.  You will see below the brush compared to a MAC brush.

4 smudger/liner brush - This is a bit of an odd brush its not flat enough to be a flat liner brush and its not skinny enough to be a skinny liner.  For me its the only dud brush of the set as its bristles are a bit rough to use on the lids.  It applys my smudge pot nicely although unfortunately not very comfortably - its scratchy and a bit rough on the lids.  I am disappointed with this brush (go straight to your room and do your homework and learn how to be softer) but it doesn't take away from the set as a whole. 

In all I think this set is fantastic value at €24.00, I would use all of the brushes everyday (in fact they are what I have been using everyday) apart from the liner brush which is just too scratchy for me to use.  I think this brush set would make a fantastic gift for anyone and you would never think that the 5 brushes cost €24.00 that works out at €4.80 a brush or €6.00 if you exclude the scratchy liner brush.

As well as the brush set Stila have some fantastic sets released for Christmas - some of which I will post on in more detail but they include a starter skincare set for €12.00 (an exciting new skincare range is set to launch early next year),  The long wear lip colour set which costs €29.00, the Seeing Stars Smudge Stick Set which costs €35.00 and the Written in the Stars palette which costs €28.00.  

There are plenty of things that we can add to our Stila Christmas list - what's on yours?
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  1. They are very good vaue! Added to my list haha!

  2. Brilliant post, so detailed! These are great value, I picked up the MAC set (which I reviewed on my blog) but they are incredibly expensive in comparison. Will be taking a little trip into town at the weekend to pick up a set of these!


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