Friday, November 23, 2012

Stila Snow Angel Color Palette Christmas 2012 - it's a MUST HAVE

Crack open your Christmas lists, tell Santa you have been very nice altogether, I have something here that everybody will want and need this Christmas.  Stila's Christmas Collection really does have something for everyone and quite honestly I don't know who would not want to receive this Snow Angel Colour Palette this Christmas.

The palette is designed to look like a snow flake, a beautiful snow flake filled with magical Stila goodies.
The palette contains 18 eye shadows in the shades: peace, love, gold, sleigh, cookie, dashing, eggnog, icicle, dance, merry, kitten, jingle, gingerbread, truffle, chestnut, cool, clove and fairy.

But sure why stop there, the outside colours of the palette are 12 cheek colours: shimmery snow angel, shimmery coral, shimmery apricot, shimmery peach, shimmery pink, shimmery plum, matte pink, matte plum, matte berry, matte melon, matte clay and matte bronze.

For good measure Stila have added a deluxe sample size Stay All Day Waterproof Volumizing Mascara and a look book to give you a few ideas for makeup looks.

The eye shadows, as with all of Stila's shadows, can be used wet or dry. This is one of the reasons I love Stila eye shadows, it makes them so versatile and you can create two different shades with the one shadow.  Sometimes I worry when there is a set or pallete like this that the quality with not be as good as the regular products - don't worry the quality of these shadows is superb.  They are buttery soft and a joy to use, I even enjoy using the matte colours.  The shades are luscious, warm and pretty - there are enough shades to keep me a busy girl for a long time.

The palette offers a great range of cheek colours (you can see these are the colours on the outer part of the palette) from a bright hot pink to a matte bronze and also a highlighter.  My favourite - well it's too hard to pick just one.

The only products that Stila don't wow me with tend to be the mascaras - that could be because my eyelashes are not the most impressive lashes -  but it is lovely to try this mascara, sure we are not going to say no are we?  I look on it as an added bonus.

I was going to swatch the whole palette but where would I put so many colours?  Should I swatch all 30 shades on my belly (granted it's big enough). Above I took a small selection and swiped once and swatched them on my arm. 

For me this palette is a MUST HAVE this Christmas,  when I got it I jumped up and down, did a twirl, hugged it to my chest.  The palette is so pretty and the colours are beautiful. There is something for the neutral girl and something to add a pop of colour. 

So Santa could you please bring all beauty lovers this amazing palette for Christmas, they deserve it and will be really good for the rest of the year, what's more it wont cost you a fortune.  You can pick it up at the Stila counter in Harvey Nicks Dublin for €35.00 (yeah that's right 18 eye shadows and 12 blushers for THIRTY FIVE EURO) or at where shipping is free for Ireland and the UK (click here).

I think that Stila have done an amazing job at creating not only a pretty and practical and pigmented palette (how is that for alliteration for you?) but also one that is very affordable and lets face it at just over €1 a shadow it's fantastic value.

If you happen to think that this is perhaps too many colours for you - maybe it's too pretty, maybe its value is too mind blowing - then don't forget to check out the rest of Stila's fantastic Christmas Collection (go on and click here and look at the prettiness).

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  1. €35...thats amazing value .. i want this for Xmas

  2. A-ma-zing! I haven't check yet their Christmas collection, I should, thanks

  3. Wow it's just so pretty, and a snowflake....and gorgeous colours to suit my brown eyes. Have to add this to my Christmas wishlist

  4. This is amazing - I picked up the Smudge sticks from their Christmas line. I am loving this collection I would love to wake up to this under my tree on Xmas morning. You get so many colours in there. Great value for money


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