Monday, November 26, 2012

Vichy Idealia Soothing and Illuminating Cream - It's really quite amazing

It's very exciting hearing about new beauty products but I have to admit sometimes when you hear the science behind how the skin acts and reacts it can leave you in a shuddering mess in the corner.  There is nothing like hearing about the mortality of your skin to leave you rocking back and forth with your gnarled hands covering your face - one step away from turning into the wicked witch from many a fairy tale with your skin disintegrating by the second.

While my skin if not my mentality is getting more mature  it is still a bit mental - it can be a little oily and I get breakouts on my chin (which are sometimes Ben and Jerry induced).  In September Vichy launched Idealia in response to us all wanting the obvious perfect or "Ideal" skin.  Skin that is youthful looking, luminous, radiant and free from blotches and redness.  Idealia works on improving the tone and texture of the skin and is quite a magical little pearlscent tub.

Vichy have put five years of research into this cream which is made up of Kombucha which is made from Ceylon tea and gives long lasting toning (and is also a health drink of the same name if I am not mistaken), AHA’s to smooth skin texture, Vitamin B to increase radiance, Polyphenols to aid micro-circulation, LHA to promote cell renewal, Adenosine, a retinol-like anti-wrinkle action and Vitamin E which of course is an antioxidant to help fight against free radical stress on cells.  So there are a lot of busy little ingredients.

Vichy have done extensive testing on Idealia and the clinical results are pretty impressive with skin texture and pore visibility improving by 21%.  Skin tone was improved (more even complexion +27% improved micro-circulation and radiance +33%) and of course the one we all want to know about - wrinkles were improved by 16%.

Clinical tests are grand and everything but how did I find the cream?  I have the cream in normal/combination (its also available for dry skin).  The packaging is a beautful pearlescent tub which contains the slightly pink pearlescent cream - except its not really a cream, it's a cream/gel hybrid.  Idealia is light and fresh on the skin and I find it absorbes really well.  My skin tends to get dehydrated so it needs moisture, except creams tend to be too heavy for my skin.  My skin is like Goldilocks and Idealia is just perfect for it.  My skin has noticeably improved, it feels fresher and brighter and apart from the odd Ben and Jerry break out I haven't even been having spots.  As I mentioned above my skin finds cream too heavy and I can get milia (white heads) on the tops of my cheeks but I have noticed since using Idealia that not only have I not gotten as many, they seem to have diminished.  I also like that the cream doesn't have an overpowering scent - there is a slight fragrance but not one where you think people can "smell your face".

The cream, although it has anti ageing properties, is aimed as a cream for women (and men I suppose - actually the cream/ gel texture would be lovely after shaving the face I imagine) of all ages and skin types and as the skin on my face seems to be living in varying decades (eyes are beginning to show their age but chin is still a stroppy teenager at times) I can see how it would work on varying skin types and ages.

Of course because it's Vichy it contains Vichy Thermal Spa Water is suitable for sensitive skin and is hypoallergenic, paraben-free, dermatologically tested, comedogenic, and physiological pH 5.5.

When I showed this cream to Sile she loved the consistency but told me how she hated creams that you have to take out of a tub - she can't stand it and thinks its unhygienic.  Personally this doesn't bother me but some people should keep it in mind. 

When I run out of Idealia I will again return to rocking back and forth covering my face and wait impatiently for my flying monkeys to return with more of this skin saviour.

IDEALIA Smoothing and Illuminating Cream is available now and costs (50ml) €26.00.


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  1. This sounds like a brilliant moisturiser - perfect for sensitive skin & much needed over these winter months. I have heard of this brand but have never tried anything from them. I need to put that right & try some bits


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