Wednesday, December 5, 2012

NYC - Brings Christmas Glee

So today brings news of the budget - will we be able to afford our Crunchy Nut Cornflakes next year or will we all have to switch to Aldi own brand? (I do love Aldi).  My memories of the budget as a child include my mam listening intently on the "wireless" in the steamy kitchen while the dinner was on and then my dad going out and buying petrol and cigarettes that evening before all the prices went up.

Now that I am a grown up *ahem* I just feel like saying "OK hit me with it". If I am being honest most of my luxuries are long gone but I need to be able to buy my makeup for both my and the world's sanity (plus I would frighten small children if I didn't wear concealer).

I love the idea of just popping into the chemist and buying a treat and NYC is one of my favourite brands for affordable or "budget" treats. This Christmas they have given us great options for festive looks without breaking even the skinniest of piggy banks. 

We all want a bit of drama for Christmas parties and look no further than NYC's false lashes. With the natural set costing €2.99 and the diamante set costing €3.99 these are a beauty steal - the diamante set competes with the offerings from high end makeup ranges.  If you're like me and are not an expert at applying lashes these are a great way to practice and perfect - I have destroyed more expensive lashes without ever getting to wear them out.

NYC's Big Bold Mascara separates and lengthens your lashes and at €2.99 it's amazing value.  The wand has a massive brush (the size of my eye) and I think this helps lengthen the lashes.

Of course Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without sparkle and if your anything like me that bit of diamante on the lashes needs something to make it shine, enter the Metallic Eyeliner in Liquid Gold - ah wouldn't this just James Bond up a whole look?  The colour is bright and metallic and a bargain at €3.49

My favourite of this little Christmas collection has got to be the nail polishes, I am a huge fan of NYC nail polishes and the in a NY Minute polishes cost €1.29 - which is the most ridiculous bargain you are going to get.  In the top picture you can see Backstage Brown which is perfect for this time of year along with Rock Muse Smoky Top Coat but the shade that steals the show for me is Full Metal Jacket.  This is a simply stunning shade - if I was in the least bit arty I could create some amazing Christmas nails with this (but I think I'll leave that to the expert that is Cherry Sue).

Above is ONE coat on my nails - yeah one coat and you hit gold, proper metalic pretty gold.  For €1.29.

Isn't it nice that NYC will give us a bit of escape from the doom and gloom with affordable products that actually work. - again Full Metal Jacket is €1.29. Mental or what.



  1. Love NYC and wetnwild- very budget friendly:) that good polish is gorg

  2. Can we get NYC in Ireland? Did I see it in SuperDrug? I must visit SuperDrug more often!


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