Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Run dont walk, then swish your hair.

I love big swishy hair - Toss Toss (if you have seen Wicked you will know where I get Toss Toss from).  If you have seen the film New Years Eve (I don't care, you can hate on me all you want - I Loved it- it was an emotional roller coaster) you will have seen some pretty impressive hair (and disastrous hair - you Katherine Hiegl).  SJP did her usual messy curls but for me Hilary Swank had the most amazing curly waves.

I am a fan of curling my hair because I can get a couple of days out of the look
1st day - curls
2nd day looser relaxed curls
3rd day Serena from Gossip Girl hair - swish swish.

So although you have to go to the effort of curling your hair its worth the trouble.  I had seen this curling wand on Cloud10 beauty before Christmas and was going to ask Santa for it - it went out of my head - but I was delighted when I was on the site after Christmas and saw that the wand was reduced (from its already brilliant price of €42.95)  to €36.95.  This set includes a wand and a curling serum (which also acts as a heat protector).  The wand arrived today and I am delighted with it, it heats up so quickly and in an instant I had hair that would make Hilary Swank cut off all her hair and pretend she was a boy.
I would have taken a picture but it is so dark that all you would see are red glowing beady eyes (its the light up Santa - I swear -) and a growling noise (from my belly it needs normal food STAT).  But I will do a post on how my hair looks when I use the wand. 

I love curling wands (once you get used to them) because they are quicker to heat and you don't need to leave them on your hair for as long, you also don't have to wind your hair from the bottom so the ends of the hair are saved from intense heat.

So what are you waiting for....run... run fast.... go to Cloud 10 click here and get yourself some swishy hair. (Did I mention they have free shipping if you spend over €50 ? they also have some Sleek products reduced).... Go Play.
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