Thursday, February 9, 2012

Be a Princess -

If I am being honest I can be a bit of a Princess, that doesn't mean that I wont walk in a puddle of water or that you have to bow when you meet me.  Every girl should have a smidge of princess in her or be treated like a princess every once in a while. 

I have always been a fan of the Vera Wang Princess range of perfumes. The bottles are gorgeous, the fragrances are easy to wear (nothing obnoxious) they are sweet, pleasant fragrances. The Princess range has a new addition to the range "Princess Night". 

Here is what they have to say about the perfume:
Vera Wang Princess Night sparkles with first impressions of luscious wild berries and watermelon, blended with sweet raspberry. Mystery fills the air with an exotic blend of velvety jasmine petals, spicy orange blossom, and a twist of passion rose. Finally, the night air is left with a trail of crushed sugar and hints of sensual musk and vanilla, leaving those around her wondering what will happen next.

The bottle is freaking gorgeous its encrusted with dark purple glitter, the perfume has a slightly darker muskier smell than the other versions (but nothing too heavy).  Even thought this is Princess Night I have been wearing it every day (I am such a rebel).  You will be delighted to know that the glitter does not come off the bottle easily.  If I am being honest I had decided to buy the perfume based on the bottle (a mature rebel) but am delighted cause I love the fragrance.

At the moment Debenhams have 10% off perfumes so the 30ml (which usually costs €42.50) is €38.25 (click here).  Debenhams also have an offer of a free bag with any purchase (click here).

While the bag might not be the most glam freebee offering it will make a great beach bag and as Kate Middleton has shown the world...even princess go to the supermarket.

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