Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Catrice Hidden World Collection - pics and swatches

The latest collection on Catrice stands is 'Hidden World' and I have a few things from it to show you! It's all very natural - pale pinks, golds, that kind of thing, which is right up my street, as Cherdyl might say. This is what Catrice say about the collection: 

Dreamlike - yet confident. Soft – yet by no means fragile. Mysterious – yet never shy. Subtle – yet totally present. In January 2012, the Limited Edition “Hidden World” by CATRICE loosens the boundaries between fantasy and reality, between heaven and earth. 

Er... I dunno about that but sure we'll have a look anyway. 

Illuminating Base, Made to Stay Eyeshadow Soufflé in 02 Yes I Wood! and  Blush Mousse.

So, here's what I got:

Illuminating Base (€4.49): Catrice market this as a kind of primer, claiming that it will "even out small irregularities of the skin". I wouldn't say that this is much cop as a primer, although you could wear it all over your face under foundation - it reminds me a lot of Mac Strobe Cream/Lotion. I use it as a more traditional highlighter, with little dots blended on the cheekbones and brow bone. And it's a bloomin' good highlighter at that - it blends effortlessly leaving you with a really natural, subtle glow - no chance of robot face with this.

I'm never quite sure how useful these 'blob on hand' photos are (not very, I suspect) but I also have the illuminator blended over my hand underneath and you can kind of see it, although it's much nicer IRL. 

Made to Stay Eyeshadow Soufflé in 02 Yes I Wood!(€3.99) is a nice champagne gold shadow with a lovely texture. I love cream/mousse eyeshadows and I normally love colours like this but this one is a little too subtle. If you can make out the swatch of it in the photo below, you'll see that it pretty much just blends into my skin. Could be good as an eyeshadow base though. 

That other swatch that looks like I've scalded myself really badly is Blush Mousse (€4.29). I love the texture of this - like pink whipped cream. The colour and effect of it reminds me a lot of Benefit's Posie Tint but it's much, much easier to blend (although it doesn't have the staying power of Posie Tint). The swatch above is two layers, and just to note if you do want to layer this and build it up, it seems to take aaages to dry. 

If you're gonna buy anything from this collection, I'd go for the Illuminating Base - love it! 
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