Monday, March 19, 2012

Stila Spring 2012 - I have jewels on my eyes

As you would expect I am still grinning ear from ear after meeting the Wonderful Wizards of Stila (read about it here) not only have I been walking on air I have been calling Sile- Stila (if you were to count the words out of my mouth a large percentage of them would be Stila, Stila, Stila, Stila).  I have been keeping the dream alive by playing with some of the goodies that they kindly gave me.   Stila's  new Spring products are pretty damn amazing (have a look at the collection here) and what's more exciting is Boots will have their own exclusive collection hitting the shelves this week.

Stila has recently launched Jewel Eyeshadows which promise buildable glimmering colour and can be worn wet or dry. A lot of brands just pack shadows with glitter to create a shiny effect,  Stila has somehow created shadows which create an iridescent glow on your eyes without the grit or fallout of glitter.  These shades are not about opaque colour, it's more about the effect the shadows create. 

Lets have a look at Amethyst (here).  Amethyst is a gray/taupe/purple its a beautiful colour in the pan.
The first swatch is one swipe, then two and then three.  I think this shows how buildable the shadows are.  Ideally you need to pat these shadows onto your eye, this would minimise any fallout and apply the colour more opaquely. 

Next up is Rose Quartz (here)
Again we have one swipe, then two and finally three.  This is a sheerer shade but absolutely beautiful, the skin almost looks wet.

If you love Smudge Pots you are about to embark on a wild and torrid love affair with Stila's new Smudge Crayons.  These ingenious little products are primers, eye colours and eye liner all in one. 
It's a lot in one little product and as well as that, the staying power is fantastic and lasts all day without smudging.
You wind the crayon up but the packaging also contains a sharpener at the end so you can create a precise line.
First up is the fantastic Pink Violet ( here) the colour has a duo effect, being both pink and violet, it changes in the light, my mouth literally gaped open at the colour...its DEADLY (I was going to say BANANAS - Rachel Zoe style but I am from Dublin so we will go with deadly).

First is a thick line, proper swatch and then Pink Violet with Amethyst on top.
Rose (Here) is a beautiful neutral which you could wear every day, if you like the colour rose gold, you will need this in your life. 
First a liner, then a swatch and then with Rose Quartz on top.

I don't have sequins on my eyes- I just look magical and glimmery.  What I love about combining these products is they are quick and simple to use but create the most beautiful long lasting effect.  The first look is Pink Violet with Amethyst on top.
Next up I have Rose with Rose Quartz on top.  This look lasted on my day trip to Belfast from 7.30 am and when I took it off at 11.30 pm there was only slight smudging in the crease (quite frankly if you want your products to last longer than that, you need to get your makeup tattooed on). 

I love that this is a simple, easy and pretty look.  During the day I was complemented a number of times on my eye shadow, even by the girl who works at Stila in Boots Belfast (these products are currently not available at Boots), which of course I had to visit (they have a Stila Directors chair :) ).  So do you think you will be trying any of these products?  Sile has already ordered the Jewel Eye Shadow in Rose Quartz.
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