Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I had a dream I was In the Garden with Stila

The wonderful thing about meeting the Wizards of Stila (besides them securing places on my Fantasy Dinner table, move over Steven Fry - yes they are that charming and interesting) is they showed me some wonderful new products that will be coming our way soon.  Like many beauty junkies I like to stalk browse the website (here).  Oh the pretty things that you see, some of them call to me like a siren's song.  One night I had a dream about the "In the Garden" palette.  What I found funny about the vivid makeup dream was that I was dreaming about the In the Garden palette... It's gorgeous but Stila also have released the In the moment Palette which is a purple based palette, something that I normally love because purple is very flattering on my blue/green/can't make up their mind eyes.  It would be silly to fight my subconscious and when ASOS had a St. Patrick's Day discount it would also be unpatriotic.
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