Monday, April 23, 2012

Viviscal Hair Repair - Secret Weapon of Supermodels

When we received an email a few weeks ago about Viviscal I immediately dismissed it - I mean Viviscal, that's for bald people?  Right?  A few days later I was reading Allure magazine (God I love that magazine) and there in print was a supermodel talking about her secret weapon, Viviscal .  I mean I think it's just fair that everybody gets swishy healthy supermodel hair.

Viviscal use all natural ingredients (Amino Mar C, a marine complex as well as grape seed extract, selenium, folic acid and zinc) which work from the roots to repair and replenish dry and lacklustre hair and of course a bonus of this nourishment is the scalp is healthy and therefore the hair is healthy.  The hair is so healthy it grows like wildfire.  The idea of Viviscal is repairing from within after all there is no point using expensive hair products if the hair is not getting the nutrients that it needs.

According to Allure magazine if your hair normally grows half a inch a month Viviscal will help it grow an inch - impressive claims but when the product is loved (and the secret weapon) by supermodels and  Hollywood royalty like Reese Witherspoon you know you're onto a good thing.  

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