Friday, April 27, 2012

Well Hello Beautiful WOW

By now you must have heard about Benefit's new liquid foundation.  Benefit have everything a girl could want but until recently they only had a stick foundation/concealer and for a brand that have some brilliant concealers it was about time they gave us ladies something to make us look human in the mornings.

Benefit planned and developed this for two years (I am thinking sexy scientists) and the result is probably one of the longest and funniest foundation names ever...Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow.  The foundation is anti aging and feeds (nom nom hungry skin) the skin with with vitamins C and E as well has having SPF 25 PA+++ - which means that even if you walk on the sun your skin is protected (it doesn't actually mean you can walk on the sun - it does however mean you're getting the best sun protection technology).

The foundation comes in 9 shades - personally I find it so hard to get a matching foundation, I think they could expand the shade range.  I was matched with "Cheers to me Champagne" - on my hand this looks quite yellow but blends in beautifully to my face.  Benefit recommend using the Porefessional primer before you use the foundation - to be honest you could skip this step but I happen to think the Porefessional leaves your skin silky smooth (if you haven't tried it, next time you're at a counter try some on your hand and you will oooo and ahhhh at how smooth your skin becomes).

Benefit recommend using a synthetic foundation brush to apply the foundation and I agree a brush gives an even, smooth finish. The foundation is quite sheer initially so if you're using your fingers or a sponge you're just wiping the foundation off your face.

WOW Foundation                The Porefessional

I found it interesting that Benefit had stepped away from their usually quirky and vintage packaging and presented us with quite a sleek looking foundation bottle.  When I spoke to Sharon from Benefit at the launch (read about the launch here) she was glad I mentioned it as she thinks the new packaging introduces the brand to a new wider (possibly more mature) demographic.  What is funny about this is my Mam is a huge Benefit fan and she has swiped some of my products and has bought some of her own (I obviously have an immature Mammy).    When I tried the foundation on my Mam (a blind test, not showing her the brand) she loved the feel on her skin and that it felt like she had some coverage on but it was light (exactly what she likes - but then she has amazing skin).

If you love heavy coverage this is not the foundation for you, however if you're like me and like sheer to medium this is perfect.  The foundation feels light on your skin, it covers imperfections without masking the skin.  If you having a particularly bad skin day you might need some extra concealer.  The foundation gives the skin a luminous sheen which I love (again if you're not a fan of sheen you will need to powder). 

As you can see from above and below the coverage (left side has foundation - right side is a hot mess)
You can see quite clearly here that my chin is having massive breakouts and that the foundation covers the redness without a cakey effect (I notice that the foundation is not blended in very well - sorry about that).
What I really love about this foundation is .... you can see the person, not the foundation.  I would reccomend checking out this foundation if you like sheer glowing skin. 

Benefit's new foundation is available at Benefit counters now.

*PR sample Pin It
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