Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Eyeko Eyeliner - It's Emerald, Like Us

A little while ago the lovely Steph from Beauty Emporium showed us this amazing Emerald Eyeliner from the range Eyeko and offered to send it to us to try.  Its an Emerald Eyeliner - like us. How exciting.  I don't really know a lot about the Eyeko range apart from the fact that I had a highlighting cream from the brand many years ago and that they have recently relaunched.

I have heard great things about their new mascara (which kinda looks like a lip gloss tube) which you can also buy from Beauty Emporium.  The Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner is really clever. It's designed with a long handle so no matter how short the liner is you still have something to hold only and balance (the liner does not go all the way into the silver handle).  When I first got the liner it was hard for me not to pretend it was a cigarette holder from a 1940's movie (you know I was walking around all day pretending I was a femme fatale).  The packaging is simple yet glam.

Above you can see a swatch of the liner - it is a beautiful emerald green with a tiny hint of gold.  The liner itself is a lot firmer than many of the liners I have recently been using (like Avon Supershock or Urban Decay 24/7).  I usually tight line under my eye and I dont feel like I can do that with Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner although lets face it, the colour is far too pretty to hide under my lashes.  So if you're looking for something like Avon Supershock this is not for you, the wax is a lot firmer.  This means you can achieve a smaller more precise line and although the wax is firmer it is not irritating or damaging to the eye.  My eyes are a little sensitive and start to tear if I look at an eyeliner but I had no problems with Eyeko Skinny Liner.  In fact I found that the slightly waxier formula helped the product stay in place longer.

Its such a stunning colour I wanted to just use neutral colours and line my eye.
Here we have neutral with the liner on the bottom lashes where it stayed all day without running down my face like softer liners have been known to.
The liner also blends really well into other colours and creates beautiful looks.

The liner costs €10.00 and I think it's a good price (but keep in mind the product is not as long as it looks) check it out here and of course while you're on Beauty Emporium's site you can shop from other brands like Sleek, NYX, Caite, OPI, China Glaze, Zoya and Z Palettes.  Beauty Emporium ships to Ireland, the UK and Europe. Check out the site here - it's a beauty lovers dream.
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