Friday, May 18, 2012

Myleene Klass does nails??

I didn't know that Myleene Klass did nails or nail wraps, if I am being precise. I got these at Christmas and only just tried them last week.  The kit (which is available from Heatons) contains a set of wraps a nail file and a set of shiny top coats. 
There are a whole host of nail wraps on the market (Sally Hansen springs to mind) and I haven't tried any so I can't compare them to Myleene's.  I always find that my nails are too small for things like this (and false nails) and I decided to just have some accent nails.  The wrap for my ring finger was a little bit big but I think these look well.  You just  peel and stick onto your nail... easy. (I have since learned that you heat the wrap with a hair dryer it makes the wrap more plyable.  To complete the nails I used OPI Short Story.
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