Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Guess Seductive Homme, or Yummy Smelling Men

The other day we wrote about Guess's new delicious women's fragrance (read about it here) and don't worry Guess didn't forget about the men - let's face it they sometimes need all the help they can get to smell nice. 

(Let's all pretend that we can't see the hair band on the ground)

Guess Seductive Homme starts of with a foody light fragrance which deepens down to a seductive woody yummy fragrance.

Top Notes:
Mandarin Pulp
Pink Pepper

Middle Notes:
Vanilla Orchid
Crushed Violet Leaves

Bottom Notes:
Creamy Sandalwood
Skin Musk

Guess have delivered a simple and elegant bottle that has a magnetic closure in the gunmetal lid. 

Guess Seductive Homme is "Designed for the confident, free- spirited, sophisticated man" mmm this doesn't quite describe my man, his idea of a beauty routine generally just involves a bar of soap but he really likes this fragrance.  He doesn't like fussy fragrances or the idea of even wearing a fragrance but this sexy smell is his new signature scent. The set contains a body spray so even if he forgets to use the Eau de Toilette he still smells fantastic.  (If I was to talk to him about layering fragrance he would look at me as if I was crazy).

I think it says a lot that a man who ususally doesnt wear fragrance has taken to wearing Guess Seductive Homme - when I asked him why he likes it "because it smells nice". What can I say, he is a man of few words.  As his girlfriend I am delighted that he likes this because he now smells deliciously masculine and sexy. 

Guess have delivered another simple and elegant bottle with a masculine edge and a warm and sexy fragrance.

Guess Seductive Homme is available now 50 ml Eau de Toilette €32.95 (with fee shower gel)
30ml Eau de Toilette €4.95 (with free deodorant body spray).

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