Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Current Skincare Favourites

I'd be the first to admit that I have neglected my skin somewhat in the past and never really had much of a skincare 'routine'. I've been making much more of an effort recently and it has paid dividends - not so many spots and flaky areas. I'm not sure whether to put this down to the products I'm using or the simple fact that I now actually have a routine but nevertheless these are the products I'm loving right now.

Avène Very High Protection Emulsion 50+ SPF with UVA and UVB protection for normal to combination skin*
This is my current day time moisturiser and it's fab. Review here

Vichy Normaderm Solution Micellaire
There's been a lot of talk on the blogosphere on micellar waters, in particular Bioderma Crealine H20, so I was curious to try one and picked up this one on the recommendation of the lady in my local chemist. It's formulated for imperfection prone sensitive skin and it seems to suit me down to the ground - it wipes away make up really easily and although I do usually cleanse as well after using this, if I'm being a particularly lazy bitch (ie. taking my make up off when I'm already in bed), I can use just this and my skin feels clean enough to not use another cleanser or face wash afterwards. The only thing is, I don't think it's great for taking off eye make up - rubbish in fact - has anyone found a micellar water that is? I'm nearly out of this and I would repurchase it straight away if I hadn't already bought the No7 version after seeing it on Laura's blog (I also had a €7.50 off voucher burning a hole in my purse).

Voya Cast Away face wash
I use this to double cleanse after taking my makeup off with the micellar water, and it's lovely. It smells fab, leaves me feeling squeaky clean, and doesn't lather too much, which I like. I really like Voya products in general - I like that they're Irish (and from my beloved Sligo), and use seaweed and are certified organic. I realise that quality comes at a cost but I can't get past the feeling that some of them are just a little overpriced (this face wash retails at €26). 

Simple Kind to Eyes Eye Make Up Remover
I have repurchased this countless times and always come back to it as it's the only eye make up remover that does the job for me without temporarily blinding me in the process. The only thing it's not so hot on is removing Benefit's They're Real (Can anyone recommend a remover that takes this off easily? Preferably a budget option!)

Voya Bright Eyes* 
This is a lovely eye cream that sinks in easily and does a good job of getting rid of any dryness around my eyes. It's a light gel cream hybrid that doesn't cause any build up which is a MAJOR plus for me (have lost count of the amount of eye creams that have given me milia in the skin around my eyes). Again, this is expensive at €52 but you get 30ml of product which is a lot for an eye cream - I've been using my bottle for months and there's still about a third of it left. This is one Voya product that I would repurchase. 

Oriflame Ecollagen Plus [3D+] Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream* 
Contains a patented tri-peptide complex and hyaluronic acid to plump the skin and it's just a very nice night cream. I love the texture of it - it's a really thick gel-cream hybrid that has an almost balm-like texture and it smells delish. 

PanOxyl AcneGel 10
When I do get a spot, this is what I zap it with - dries them up quick smart! 

*indicates PR sample
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