Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Stila Passion Fruit Crush Lip and Cheek Stain - Its amazing

One of the Stila products I got a sneak peak of a couple of months ago was the Passion Fruit Crush lip and cheek stain.  When I swatched passion fruit it was love at first sight and for the rest of the day I kept looking at my hand drooling and I couldn't wait until its release with the rest of the Radiant Light Summer Illuminating Collection. 

Last week I took one of my usual trips to the Stila stand in Boots Liffey Valley (to tidy up and have a nose) and I spotted Passion Fruit Crush (OK so I rooted around in the drawers - don't judge me).  It cost €22.00 (and I just happen to have that amount on my Boots Card - score).  I know from my initial swatches how long lasting the product is (I literally showed the swatches to everybody and told them how I met Stila - I was very annoying and hyper).  You can use this on your lips and cheeks (does exactly what it says on the tin).  There is a very light passion fruit taste and scent from the product (not in any way overpowering) and the stain leaves the most beautiful colour. 

You only need a tiny amount of product one click of product will cover both your lips and your cheeks.
Stila Passion Fruit Crush Lip and Cheek Stain is available from (here).  It really is a fabulous multi use product (Stila are just so clever).
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