Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Review: Sugar Strip Ease

Sugar Strip Ease Review

I'm a shaver, not a waxer. My previous experiences with waxing were not good and I just prefer shaving because it's quick, cheap and pain free. In fact, the last time I tried waxing at home, I didn't even get to try it because the plastic container the wax came in melted all over my microwave - that was a messy and expensive episode I can tell ya. Although it's similar to waxing, I had never tried sugaring before so when Simply Natural kindly asked us if we would like to try some of their products, I opted for Sugar Strip Ease. 

Simply Natural is an Irish company specialising in cosmetics and personal care products that are natural and organic, offering an alternative to chemical-laden products. In addition to this, none of the products they sell are tested on animals.

Strip Ease is a natural blend of sugar syrups which you heat in the microwave for 60 seconds (or you can heat it on the hob if you prefer) and apply to your skin with the provided wooden applicators. It smells yum as it's heating up, kinda like candy floss or something. Like wax, you apply this in the direction of the hair growth, and remove it with a cotton strip (there are 15 in the pack), pulling against the direction of hair growth. 

I did a half leg 'wax' with this, knees down, and found it easy to use and really effective. I was expecting pain and lots of it, but while it wasn't pain-free it wasn't nearly as bad as I was expecting, definitely tolerable. It didn't irritate my skin or leave a rash or redness of any kind. 

 It was a little messy but the product easily washes off your skin and surfaces with water so no sticky residue on your legs or bathroom floor. Also, the cotton strips can actually be washed and reused - pretty cool! I only read that fact on the instruction sheet after I had already chucked the ones I used so can't say how difficult a task it is but it definitely makes this good value for money as there is plenty of product (I keep on wanting to say wax) in the jar.

All in all, I don't think this will fully lure me away from my shaving habit but I'll definitely be using it before my holidays to give me longer lasting smooth legs for the beach :-)

The packaging is cute and the price is reasonable at €13.99 from 

Have you tried sugaring? |What's your hair removal method of choice?

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