Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Ikea Helmer for Make Up and Nail Polish Storage

I was in Ikea a few weeks ago on one of my 'just having a look' visits (that usually see me dropping at least €100 on stuff I don't need) and saw the Helmer unit on sale for €20. Needless to say, it came home with me. These six drawer units are much beloved of beauty bloggers for cosmetics, and especially nail polish, storage. They're cheap, compact and hold a LOAD of stuff. I'm using it to store the make up that I'm not using on a daily basis, and all of my nail polish, plus other random beauty bits and bobs. 

I also picked up three of the Antonius plastic inserts (€2 each!) which fit the drawers perfectly. They divide the drawer up into five compartments of varying sizes. It means you get less in the drawer but makes everything a lot more organised and tidy. Little tip: the Antonius inserts are in the warehouse section at the end where you pick up your flat pack furniture - not in the market place section where I spent an absolute age looking for them.

Almost all of my nail polish fits in one drawer which makes me think it's ok/necessary to buy more :-) 

To give it some context, this is how much space the Helmer takes up. It comes with castors which I didn't bother putting on (if I'm honest, mainly because I couldn't screw the fecking things in but the rest of it was really easy to put together). I'm really happy with it and will probably get another to stack on top of this one for skin and hair care stuff. They're back up to their regular price of €30 which is still pretty good I think. 

How do you store your make up? If you've blogged about it, link me up! 

For more Ikea make up storage ideas, see this post.

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