Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Kylie - Music Box

Lets have a little chat about Kylie's new perfume Music Box shall we?  Firstly I want to tell you a tale about perfume - one of my favourite perfumes on other people is Angel, I love it.  Whenever I smell it on people I take a giant sniff AHHH its HEAVEN  after what seemed like a million years I finally bought Angel.  I prepared to take a big whiff of myself ....I was disgusting.  There was something about it on me that was disgusting.   I tried for a few months to make it work - when the perfume dried down it was nice but I had to endure nausea for that effect.  I gave Angel to (a rather delighted) Sile and went about my life, sad in the knowledge that I would never smell like Angel's chocolaty vanilla goodness.  Then I found Kylie's Sweet Darling.   It smells exactly like I wanted Angel to smell.  It is on record as one of the only perfumes I have ever finished. 

Its fair enough to say that I am a fan of Kylie's perfumes and being a child of a certain era its pretty freaky to realise that Kylie has been popping out the hits for 25 years now (how old do we all suddenly feel) and that's not even counting the days when she was in Neighbours (Scott and Charline anyone?). 

To celebrate her 25th year in music Kylie has release a wonderful new perfume called Music Box which is in an amazing purple bottle with gold detailing.

I thought the best way to try this perfume out would be to take it along on a girly night out and see what 6 chatty ladies thought of the perfume.  I thought I would pop the perfume on the table and see who wanted to try and what they thought.

The bottle didn't reach the table .. it was snatched out of my hands the moment it left my bag with a screech (ladylike screech of course) of "I Love Kylie's perfumes" - please not that this was a specific declaration of love for Kylie's perfumes and not just the lady herself.  The perfume was passed around and sprayed and even the two ladies that I didn't think would spray the perfume sprayed themselves and we all marveled at how wonderful the table smelt - the table also smelt quite strongly of cocktail's at that stage. 

Myself and the Kylie perfume fan were wondering what the bottle was about, until it was pointed out to us that it represented a music box and the spray part the winder of the music box - what can I say we  are two Blondie's.

So what does the perfume smell like ? 

Top Notes: Mara Des Bois, Raspberry, Bergamot
Heart Notes: Orange Blosom, Rose,  Freesia
Dry Down: Sandlewood, Amber, White Musk.

I think the notes represent Kylie very well - there is the initial sweet girlyness drying down to a more mature and ladylike heart and ending with a musky sexy finish.   

I really like music box, as I have said I am a fan of Kylie's perfumes.  I think they give you a brilliant perfume at an affordable price.  To be honest it was always the smell of Kylie's fragrances that attracted me to them because although I like Kylie I am not a megga fan - I always found that the fragrances stood on their own without needing Kylie's name attached.  I am finding that Music Box is not really long lasting - although that might have something to do with the humidity that we are having at the moment - but since its an affordable perfume in such a pretty bottle I am enjoying taking it out and re applying (mind you whenever I take it out people want to spray it - which says a lot about how universally flattering the fragrance is).

Kylie's Music Box is availalbe now and costs €19.95 for 30ml with a free Body Lotion, go and have a sniff and tell me what you think.

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