Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Illamasqua - Fight for our right for lipstick

Illamasqua don't just make amazing makeup products - they stand up for what they believe in and in this case they are putting their money where their perfectly painted mouths are and are slashing the prices of their makeup in Australia.

I give out all the time about the euro pricing of cosmetics (its crazy) but it seems that our lovely friends in Australia are getting ripped off unmercifully.  While a lipstick would be $24.00 in the UK its a whopping $40.00 in Australia.  I think you will all agree that is fecking madness. 

Illamasqua are making a stand against global cosmetic giants - these giant corporations are buying up all the smaller brands and the consumer is not certainly not benefiting.   Look at the video below where Illamasqua's campaign is explained much more eloquently than I could ever manage.

While I have been flummoxed by some pricing here in Ireland we are certainly not on the same level as Australia.  I have thought about mentioning it to the sales assistant on the makeup counters - but how fair is that?  They certainly don't price the products and are probably under increasing pressure themselves to meet sales targets.

I love buying makeup it genuinely makes me happy but (this fecking) recession has meant I have to think carefully about things before I buy them, try and get the best offer - that might be a promotion or free shipping.   Items go on an ever increasing "List" (on that list are some Illamasqua makeup brushes - specifically the highlighting brush which I hear amazing things about).  Aren't we all in a similar position? 

What can we do?  The answer for now is to stand up and let our voices be heard and sign Illamasqua's petition (sign petition here).  hels

What brand's pricing annoys you the most?  And what brand's pricing have you recently been impressed by?
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