Thursday, August 9, 2012

International Swap - Starring Yessie (Cinnamonandzoeykisses)

Are you a bit like me?  Jealous of all the deadly products that people in other countries have that we cant get out grubby paws on.   I look at blogs and youtube and drool a lot at all the wonderful things that are out of our reach.   I was so lucky to get chatting to the lovely Yessie from Cinnamonandzoeykisses (go and say Hi here).  She is lucky enough to live in sunny South California which is a million miles away from rainy Dublin - I still don't think she understands the sheer amount of rain we get over here.  We seem to have exactly the same taste in makeup and decided to do a drugstore/chemist style swap.  I was so excited.

Last week a HUGE package arrived from Yessie (it cost her a small fortune in postage) which was all wrapped lovely but got torn to shreds in my excitement.  Today I am going to give you all a peak at what Yessie sent me.

Lets take a look at the motherload

Yessie very sweetly (see what I did there) included some American sweets woo hoo.  Seriously if you ever get a chance to try the Extra Dessert Delights Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream DO IT - they are amazing.

These will be my first ELF products - so far I am obsessed by the brush - its really REALLY soft
Some Philosophy highlighter (you all know how much I love Philosophy) and some eyeshadow
Here is my lovely note and HARD CANDY (I used to love Hard Candy back in the day - do you remember the nail polish?  I was obsessed by them) and a Milani Bronzer which is basically the same as a MAC Mineralise bronzer, and a Sonya Kashuk concealer.
Bath and Body Works - Yessie bought me a selection of body lotions from Bath and Body works and this makes happy and jealous that I cant twirl around the shop embracing the wonderful scents.  I am not sure which is my favourite but I am thinking Carried Away.
Some very interesting looking face masks and wipes.
Some Bath and Body Works hand sanitisers (you know the ones that you see on you tube and get all jealous cause our hand sanitisers are not that fancy) and two little holders for the sanitisers (I think Ill be nice and give Sile one of them).  A Smashbox gloss and a Baby Lips - which I am obsessed with - seriously obsessed with.
Yep there is still more - world famous EOS, the cutest little tub of Vaseline ever and a Cover girl Mascara (why don't we have Cover girl here??)  which Yessie had packed in a cute little makeup bag.
If you get a chance to take part in a swap I would really recommend it, not only is it great fun but I have made a friend in Yessie.  Don't forget to go and visit Cinnamonandzoeykisses to see what I sent over to Yessie.
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