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I love to read posts on peoples empty products - partly cause it makes me feel like a Private Investigator going through peoples rubbish to learn about them - but mostly cause I want to know if people would buy the products again.  Here at Emeraldeyeliner we tend to stay away from the negative because there is far too much negativity in the world but also just because a product doesn't work for me doesn't mean its not going to be amazing for somebody else after all I might hate a glitter liner but somebody younger would love it (I know I should act my age but I love glitter in any form so this doesn't really work as an example).  Here Ill tell you of the latest products I have used up and if I would repurchase - I think if you repurchase is a brilliant indicator of how good a product is, after all there are new products coming out all the time - tempting us.

Here are my latest empties they are a bit of a mish mash of products which include 3 cleansers, a facial oil, a body scrub, a face scrub and a hair product. 

I know its kinda weird to finish three cleansers but there is a reason - somewhat weird but still a reason.

Bliss Clog-dissolving cleansing milk:  I bought this in America I was keeping it for "good" cleansing because it was quite expensive as far as cleansers go.  Its a nice cleanser which can also be used as a mask.  I wouldn't re purchase it (a) because its a little expensive for what it is and (b) Bliss is not readily available in Ireland (I think a small selection of products are still sold in Harvey Nicks).

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish:  This reaches Holy Grail status many times, once you use it you understand why.  Its simple efficient cleansing - and polishing- My skin loves it, which is why I have been using up all my other cleansers so I can repurchase.  

Liz Earle have a special online offer (on the 13th August for 7 Days)  The Everyday Favourites Kit which includes Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser 200ml (a whopper of a big Cleanse and Polish) and two pure muslin cloths, Botanical Shine Shampoo 200ml and your choice of Botanical  Shine Conditioner 200ml (choose between Normal, Dry or Damaged, or Fine  or Oily), as well as your choice of either our Orange Flower Botanical  Body Wash 200ml or Men's Face and Body Wash 200ml  all this for £39.50 (this special offer runs for just seven days) - that's a total saving of £14.50.  I don't normally buy expensive shampoo but since Cleanse and Polish is so effective on my skin I am interested to know what their Shampoo and Conditioner are like.

Soap and Glory Clean Mary:  Meh... There are nicer cleansers in the world  in fact Soap and Glory have nicer cleansers than this.   I wont be repurchasing this cause it just makes me feel a bit MEH.

John Frieda Go Blonder Lightening Spray:  This little baby has saved me this year, I have been spraying this in between highlighting sessions from the hairdresser - and considering last week was the first time I got highlights this year you can imagine how much its saved me.  I just sprayed in in my roots at the front of my head every other wash - it brightened up my roots without looking brassy or fake.  I will be buying this again - its much cheaper than a half head of highlights and all in all has been a lifesaver.  I wouldn't use this every time you wash your hair though - that's when you start to get brassy.  Repeat after me Classy not Brassy.

Yes to Carrots Body Scrub:  I Like Yes to Carrots, I wasn't impressed by this scrub - it wasn't scrubby enough to be a scrub but it was moisturising and smelled like Yes to Carrots.  I wont be repurchasing (a) I don't use scrubs a lot (b) I have a Soap and Glory Scrub that I really like.

 Kiehls Pineapple Papaya facial scrub:  This purchase is all my fault, I really wanted another scrub by Kiehls (which seems to be discontinued)  but it cost €47 and it was the day before pay day so I went for the more affordable Pineapple Papaya Facial Scrub which cos €27.  I should have just asked Kiehls for a sample - they are brilliant at samples, its the one shop where I feel comfortable asking for samples.  Some people will love this scrub - I felt it wasn't scrubby enough for me, I need something a little more powerful (I have some milia on my cheeks and needed something with a bit more power).  Lesson learned ask Kiehls for a sample of a product before I flash the cash (they don't mind - in fact they are brilliant for samples).

Decleor Oil:  This oil really made me think of using oils on my skin, I would use oils again but probably not this one because I have since smelt some amazing Decleor oils that I would prefer the smell.  The bottle lasted ages though, its an investment to your skincare but you only use a tiny amount.

So what have you used up lately - have you used any of these products?
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