Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Beyonce Midnight Heat

I've got a guilty secret - in fact its not really a secret. I LOVE Celebrity Fragrances.  Some people loathe them - fragrance snobs.  It's funny cause snobbery comes in all walks of life, eg. "Oh you're reading Marian Keyes and not War and Peace - how quaint" - To this we should reply "Actually Marian Keyes makes me laugh my ass off AND - you have been attempting to read War and frigging Peace for the past four years, you're still not finished and all you have is a bad back from carrying the lump of a thing around".

So just like I would never turn my nose up at Marian Keyes (she really does make me laugh my ass off), I get really excited when I see a new celebrity fragrance.  The newest of which is Beyonce Midnight Heat - and its a very good one.  Who doesn't love Beyonce?  When I saw her at The Point (yes it's still The Point to me) she literally took my breath away - she wasn't human, she was a goddess,  a beautiful glimmering goddess.  Funny thing was I didn't think I was that big a fan but she brought a lump to my throat and a tear to my eye (yeah I almost got emotional - ALMOST). She was brilliant.  Talented, and what a ride?  What a woman. See, she turned me into a fan girl. 

At my cousin's recent wedding "Single Ladies" came on and just as I was about to charge the dance floor in a visual display of dancing mastery last seen by Kurt from Glee in his football uniform - I realised they were using that song to throw the bouquet.  At that stage of the day himself had been asked about a million times by family members "so when are you getting married" or "you're next". I sat quietly down and shimmied in my seat.  (Just in case you ask (a) we are not the marrying kind - white dress + me + people looking at me = my nightmare and (b) those comments had lead to another cousin to reveal to his wife that he never wanted to get married which was kinda uncomfortable cause we were having our dinner at the time and we had to watch the knives in case she murdered him.)

Back to perfume...

This of course is not Beyonce's first fragrance - she has a range at this stage, the first of which "Heat" was released in 2009.  Midnight Heat is a sexier, evening scent.

So what's in the perfume?

Top Notes: Dragonfruit, Starfruit and Armenia Plum
Hear Notes: Purple Orchid, Black Tulip and Purple Peony
Base Notes:  Warm Amber, Patchouli and Sandalwood.

The fragrance is described as fruity floral gourmand - which is probably why I love it.  It's not too fruity or too floral or too foody - it's just right.  I love the patchouli in the perfume, I always like fragrances that have patchouli although often they can become quite overbearing to me if they are not done right (Madonna fragranced her Like a Prayer cover with patchouli, fact fans) but some perfumes with patchouli, like Angel don't agree with me at all - I love them on other people but on me... blurgh. 

I love this fragrance but don't let the name fool you, I wear it during the day (I'm simply crazy like that) and for me its a perfect day fragrance - even during the summer it's not overpowering.  I imagine that this scent will appeal to a lot of people of varying ages.  When I gave it to my mam to try she loved it and said "I would never think of buying a perfume by yer one but that is lovely". I am not sure if she called Beyonce "yer one" cause she is unimpressed with her or simply doesnt know how to pronounce Beyonce.  My mam is quite fussy with perfumes so the fact that she likes "yer one's" perfume is a good indicator. 

The bottle is beautiful - it's like a genie bottle and the purple colour represents the scent beautifully.  The bottom of the bottle is fancy (like the lady herself).  The bottle was designed by Beyonce (seriously how does she have the time??) and is said to mimic the curves of a woman - see told you fancy bum.
Beyonce Midnight Heat eau de parfum 30ml costs €22.95 and 50ml costs €29.95.  The 50ml comes with a free body lotion (I love a free gift with perfume).

So go and give Beyonce Midnight Heat a sniff - after all who wants to spray War and Peace on their neck??
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