Tuesday, August 21, 2012

NOTD: Essie Bikini So Teeny

I was never really much of a fan of Essie's polishes - I've bought a few of their stand out shades and have been disappointed by the formula which is, in a word, streaky. I also hated the skinny little brush. Mags pointed this shade out to me and I loved it but wasn't gonna get it until I saw that they have a new wide brush  so I thought I'd give them another chance. And who could resist that name?! I think the formula is still its streaky old self but the wider brush does make it easier to apply. It takes three coats to get an even coverage. 

The colour is an absolute beaut - a bluebell blue with very subtle silver shimmer. It was really difficult to photograph the true colour - I'd say the top photo is the most accurate but even that doesn't do it justice. This is super bright, almost a little bit neon-y and very 'wow' in real life. 

Essie polishes are 2 for €18 in Boots until 4th September (normally €12.99 each) - download the voucher here :) What do you think of Essie? Any more shades I should pick up before the promotion ends? 
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