Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Color Club Nails - All About Color

The interwebs can bring out the greed in me. Usually I try and talk myself out of the greed but sometimes I can't help myself, I have to have it.  Karen over at Lovely Girly Bits picked up a bargain Color Club set in TK Maxx and I was in lust.  Alas I don't have a TK Maxx too close to me and when I finally managed to get to one there was no sign of the set.  Enter stage left the superhero that is Cherry Sue (not only is she a nail artist - actual works of art are on her nails - but she is also a very funny lady, snort yourself laughing funny), she in a shopping ninja move managed to pick me up a set.  (Both Sue and Karen are expert TK Maxx Shoppers - were not worthy Wayne)

The set contains 4 polishes for the bargain price of €6.99. The colours are not named but seem to be from the spring 2012 collection and they are Blue Ming which I have on my nails,  Hydrangea Kiss is a dusty periwinkle blue, Sweet Pea and Diamond Drops which is a glitter topcoat - but not just any type of glitter, the glitter is mirrored and in jagged irregular shapes.  You would need a few coats of the top coat to get maximum impact but because the glitter is mirrored it adds a pretty glint.

I used two coats of Blue Ming and to say I am in love with it is a understatement - its one of my favourite nail polish colours ever - its such a vibrant turquoise its almost luminous.  Just look at it - SOOO PRETTY.  To me Blue Ming is THE nail colour of the Summer - what Summer I hear you say, well Blue Ming is so bright it creates the illusion we are having summer.

Blue Ming,  Hydrangea Kiss, Sweet Pea and Diamond Drops.
I have heard (from Karen) that Color Club polishes are available in some chemist, alas they are not in any of the chemists I frequent.  So please if you have seen Color Club in a shop can you let me know which chemists stock them.  I have an overwhelming urge to stock up on Blue Ming and buy as many bottles as I can - god knows I love the colour so much I might paint my whole body with it and float around in a happy haze like radioactive Mr. Burnes in the Simpsons.

"Girl sent crazy by beautiful nail polish"
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