Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Stila In The Know

Autumn is here, I know some people are delighted but that would be people that live in an area where the sun also resides - alas in Ireland the sun hasnt really shown its face, or perhaps that hat the sun sometimes wears is just covering us in shade (damn you sun hat).  I love summer but since I like to look on the bright side I am always happy to see new season's makeup collections.   

This Autumn Stila have a cracking collection which is centred around long wearing matte products. Matte makeup seems to be a big trend across makeup lines this autumn but I think if you're looking for matte eyeshadow Stila has you covered.  Stila have added to their already impressive range of colour palettes by introducing a matte eye shadow palette called "In the Know".

When you receive an order from they dont just thow the makeup in a bag, it's presented in beautiful pink packaging - it almost makes you not want to open it.

In the Know palette is a beautiful turquoise/teal colour and comes with a look book which contains 6 different looks in case you need a bit of inspiration.

 The palette has a mirror which is an improvement on the previous versions.  As you can see one of the shadows got broken in transit but the poor package had to be sent three times because An Post had decided my address did not exist - both my address and myself do exist, we are not figments of your imagination.  Of course when the package finally arrived I danced around the house with it - seriously at this stage the palette could apply for some sort of makeup asylum after all it's been through.

This palette has 10 shades which are all matte

•air - matte beige

•driftwood - mid tone brown

•wind - soft matte peach

•fire - matte brick

•desert - soft matte tan w/warm undertones

•rain -matte brown

•clay - matte warm light brown

•smoke - matte charcoal grey

•earth - deep matte chocolate brown

•ebony - matte black

Stila shadows can be used wet and dry and the matte shadows are no exception (the wet swatch was scientifically done using a finger dampened with a wet wipe).  What I found interesting about this palette was the shadows were really pigmented when swatched dry so the wet swatches slightly intensified the pigment.  (Excuse the wonky arm, its not at a good angle).
As always these palettes include a smudge stick, to me this just adds to the value. I love smudge sticks, they're so soft but also really pigmented and are a staple in my makeup bag.  The shade that is included in the In the Know palette is Halfmoon which is a matte charcoal grey.  Some might question a grey liner but this colour is pure genius, it accentuates the eye without being as harsh as black.  A number of years ago Stila had a grey mascara out. My friend who has very long but fair lashes became obsessed by it.  The grey mascara, although it seems like an odd choice was naturally flattering and defining. I am obsessed with Half moon it makes my lash line look really thick and full.
The look book talks you through 6 different looks (two of which picured below) but with 10 shadows the options are endless.
Above: simple smokey eye using clay and ebony
Below:  air and fire

What do I think of the palette?  If you have read this blog for any amount of time you will know that I have a love/hate relationship with matte shadows... I love to hate them.  Generally I find matte shadows hard to work with as they are either chalky or don't blend well. For the most part I just avoid them.   In the Know palette has really changed my opinion of matte shadows, Stila have infused their award winning shadow secrets into this matte palette and it is simply stunning.  The shadows are really pigmented and easy to blend.  As I have small eyes I always use a bit of shimmer to open them up - I have been using air to neutralise any redness on my eyelid. 

Not only do I love the palette, I am kind of obsessed by it - even more than I am with Stila's other palettes. I think its the fact that they have managed to master matte shadows and have added such a perfect eyeliner - it's the perfect combination.  I also think this palette shows that Stila is a makeup artist brand.  Since Stila have started to bring out these palettes I rarely use anything else and the In the Know palette has really surprised me - with the other palettes I knew I would like the shades and the consistency and I wasn't sure I would like the In the Know palette and what a wonderful surprise it turned out to be.

Stila will be opening an amazing new counter in Harvey Nichols Dundrum on the 12th September - that's one week from today people, how exciting is that?  You can come and have a look at this wonderful palette which will set you back £25.00 or about €34.00.  Of course if you live too far from Dundrum you can still order on-line from where there is free delivery.  I will do my utmost to try and get as many Stila swatches up on the blog (it will help my obsession and your on-line shopping). 

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