Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ikea Make Up Storage (or Emerald eyeliner goes arts & crafty)

Every year when it comes close to Mags' birthday I always try to wrack my brain as to what to get her. Now over the many years I have know Mags (many many years) I have come to realise that it's very hard to buy her make-up as usually I am always a step behind on what she has, so I had to think outside the box …well I didn’t venture too far cause I got her ..well….a box! .. Actually more a boxy drawer thingy majiggy.

On one of my trips to the wonder that is Ikea I picked up a little wooden drawer unit and it is great for housing my makeup, all neat and tidy and away from a certain little 2 and a half year old whirlwind's hands. Some of you may know the pain of walking into a room and finding your toddler with his or her hands/face/clothes covered in the shadows from your favourite palette. Don’t care how cute and funny they look or how they want to be like mammy, they are MY colouring in things NOT YOURS!  

Anyway I digress. So for Mags' birthday I decided to get her a draw thingy to give some of her cosmetics a home. The best thing about these drawers is that they are au natural, as in no varnish or finish and ready for you to paint any colour or design you wish… a blank canvas so to speak. 
Ah now here lay the problem. I had so many ideas popping around my head, so many possibilities. What to do?  What colours? What theme? ….eh when was I gonna find the time to do it??? So when Mags' birthday rolled around I took the easy way out and handed her the unpainted box with the promise to paint it what ever way she desired. I should explain Mags is well used to my Blue Peter approach to pressies. She is unique and special and deserves one off pressies.  Although sometimes "one off" means covered in glue and glitter, or there was that lamp with the feathers stuck on hmmmm… but hey it’s the thought that counts right? 

I am not sure if you are all aware but our Mags has a bit of a thing for Stila, and by bit of a thing I mean a bit of an obsession, and by bit I mean huge. In fairness who can blame her with their amazing products, great colours and cool packaging. This packaging leads me nicely on to the theme we chose -  Stila girls. The illustrations of the girls that Stila use in their packaging and advertisements are beautiful, elegant and classy. So I set about trying to find images that we could use. Don't you just love Google images? 
Who knew this blog would have an arts and craft section but well here it is ….Do you have your empty washing up liquid bottle, pipe cleaners and sticky back plastic ready ?  Then let's begin.
(Disclaimer … none of those things were used in the personalising of the below box.)

Well I started with the blank box and then gave it a few coats of white matt emulsion. Tester pots are great for this.. I chose a white called Moonlight not because it was an especially nice white but I just really liked the name.

Then the fun begins, we picked out the images we wanted and I drew them on the box. 

Now the ability to draw is not needed, and as I am a bit out of practice I just cheated and used carbon paper (available from any stationary supply shop). 

Then I painted in the lovely ladies with some acrylic paint. I used acrylic paints because, well, I had them already and I like using them as you can apply them thick or water them down but I am sure poster paints would work just as good, or you could just use more tester pots, they do come in a huge range of colours and are very cheap.  

Next a bit of outlining in a black pen, going over the lines that the carbon paper left.  
I used a super skinny nibbed pen as some of the girls were intricate and it was easier to pick out the details.

Then a quick coat of varnish to give it a bit of protection and make it more durable.
I picked a high gloss varnish that came in a spray can, not because I thought it would be better than the varnish that comes in a tin but basically I am just a sucker when I go into a art supply shop. I love it, I just want to play with everything. I like spray painting and it just seemed more fun than painting the varnish with a brush.

I also did a little bit extra by lining the drawers. Which was basically the Stila logo printed out in different colours on a colour printer, on just standard copier paper and then just cut to size, no hidden technique there, and they are easily changed and freshened up 

A few finishing touches and Voila … a pretty Stila inspired box for Mags to have her very own Stila counter.  

Hope my Blue Peter Badge is in the post.
So has this inspired you to personalise your storage?  It could be as easy as a coat of paint to match your bedroom wall or completely covered in glitter .. oh sparkly. The possibilities are endless..
I should admit mine doesn't even have a coat of varnish on it, it’s on my list of things to do…. Eventually!
Hmmm now what to do for Mags Crimbo pressie…….

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Stila Long Wear Lip Colour Exhilarating - If you're looking for Candy Yum Yum this is the lippy for you

When Stila launched their counter in Harvey Nicks Dublin as you can imagine I was slightly excited - which of course is a complete understatement. I was like a child who had been fed a ton of sweets and then washed it down with some red bull.  I tried to run some of this excitement off  (yes I physically ran the whole of Dundrum shopping centre) but nothing could ease down the exhilaration of seeing the sleek black counter with Stila emblazoned on it.

To celebrate the day I had to make a purchase - a good luck on your new counter purchase and I went for a long wear lip colour.  The long wear lip colours have been available on but were not on the stands in Boots so I was mad to try them. 

I went for a "Mags" colour, Exhilarating - which is a bright pink matte lippy.

One of the first things I noticed about the lipstick when I got it home (besides the super cute packaging) was how similar the shade is to MAC's Candy Yum Yum, except in my opinion Stila offer us a much better product.  As you probably know Candy Yum Yum is one of those cult lipsticks that MAC brought out as a limited edition product which drove people nuts trying to buy it - but the reality of the lipstick is.... it's not great.  Its a matte shade (like Stila) but it's really hard to wear, the formula goes on patchy and the lipstick is drying.  I find I have to wear a gloss with it to make it work and in all honestly I have used it only a handful of times.  Stila's Exhilarating just works so much better. The smaller applicator makes it easy to apply (and also makes me imagine I have big luscious lips) and the product glides on the lips, beautifully depositing even colour.  There is something about this shade and formula which  illuminates my face and makes my whole face pop.  For all those people who have been lusting after Candy Yum Yum - get yourself to a Stila counter for a stunning product.

The MAC Swatch is bigger (cause the tube is bigger) but you can almost see how chalky the MAC formula is from the swatch.

Stila's Long Wear Lip Color's costs €14.00 - I have worn this lip product practically every day since I bought it.  I simply adore it.

Check out another Candy Yum Yum dupe in this post.

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