Thursday, October 4, 2012

Halle Berry Closer

Have you ever sniffed a pillow or a shirt that your man has been wearing - you smell a rich and seductive scent which has mellowed from the deep intense scent that he was wearing? That actually sounds a bit stalkerish but you know where I am going?  Sometimes we smell a  men's scent we think that they would smell amazing on us - wouldn't it be lovely for us ladies to have our own version? 
As you know I am a huge fan of celebrity scents (although just to clarify I don't own White Diamonds or anything by a reality star) but I never knew Halle Berry had a range of fragrances (hands up who knew) the latest of which is Closer.  Closer is described as masculine meets feminine and if you think of a man's scent - soften it, give it some amazing boobs and this is it.
The perfume was created by master perfumer Jacques Cavallier (I wonder do the celebrities actually help or do they just smell and say "I'll take that one") who have based the perfume around a fougere accord which is an earthy base usually used in mens fragrances. With this they have blended flowers to create Closer

Top Notes: Waterlilly, Ozonic Accord
Middle Notes: Fougere Accord, Violet Flowers, Mimosa,
Dry: Vanilla Bean, Cashmere Musk.

Although I am a fan of celebrity fragrances, often they don't smell expensive. Closer is an exception - it smells expensive and is such an interesting combination.

It is a fresh scent which also manages to be sexy. Think Katherine Hepburn in her masculine trousers -stylish, sexy but still very much a woman.  This is one of the most interesting and individual fragrances I have smelt in a while and I have been lashing it on - whenever anybody smells it they want to know what it is.  My only gripe with the perfume is it doesn't have great lasting power but I don't find that celebrity fragrances generally do (we are getting them for a bargain price). 
The bottle is beautiful - it's a simply graphic almost triangle shape with soft waves imprinted in the glass - another nod to the hard masculine lines meeting the soft smoothness of femininity.
Closer is a truly unique fragrance, it doesn't smell like you're wearing a mans aftershave- rather it smells like you put on something your man was wearing and the scent has mingled with your own perfume creating a beautiful light seductive scent.  It's simple, fresh, sexy and zesty - I urge you to smell it.

Closer by Halle Berry is available from October and costs €24.99 for 30ml

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