Friday, October 12, 2012

Dusty - Where thrills are cheap and love is divine

I love You Tube. I can quite happily spend hours arsing around looking at videos but after a while even your favourite gurus can let you down EXCEPT Dustin Hunter.  Dustin is unique and funny and charming and to be quite honest so freaking talented I am beginning to think he is some kind of woodland or mythical creature possessing rare and talented gifts not bestowed on us regular humans (a cheeky imp perhaps?).

Dusty's videos are a great representation of who I think he is - they are funny, charming, knowledgeable, entertaining and did I say funny?  He is insanely talented being a musician, artist, graphic artist and makeup artist (see he is obviously some kind of mystical creature - there is no other explanation).

I just know that we would be great friends, oh how we would laugh (I am smiling at the imaginary memory) - the reality of the situation is I would say something weird (cause I get nervous) then I would start maniacally laughing all by myself while he would try and back away slowly while trying not to startle me.  Then I would think "sure that went better than I thought" (what can I say I have a habit of saying things that weird out people) and he would try and get some kind of restraining order, which would impress me cause I would think "he thinks I am especially weird enough for a restraining order" (am now smiling at new and weirder imaginary memory).

Dustin doesn't just go for the cool and hip brands (I realise by describing them as cool and hip I am making myself the opposite of cool and hip), he uses the brands that he thinks are good, not what the masses think is the new "It" product or brand. Mr Hunter even has me buying Estee Lauder a brand that I thought was for older women (careful now).  I show everybody who looks at You Tube his videos, I have even shown my mam and attempted to show himself (this is usually where he gets annoyed at me, I asked did he want to see this blog NO was the answer ...look there is Sile's hand, there is my hand - must have had quite a few NOTD that week -  he wasn't interested, he is a man of few words, which are usually "Turn on Burn Notice").

A few years ago Madonna (before she had the fake English accent) was famous for owning the Freida Kahlo painting which depicts Kahlo giving birth to herself. Madonna famously said she could never like anybody who didn't like the painting..... and that is exactly how I feel about Dustin Hunter (not that I want to see a painting of him giving birth to himself) but I don't think I could understand anybody not liking him or his videos.

If you didn't love him before you will love that he has researched how we can all shop in American online shops like Sephora (here) and of course his site is having a little transformation for Halloween (and who doesn't love Halloween?).  Please check out his site for all your entertainment and educational needs.

Dusty - Where thrills are cheap and love is divine (a KOL quote) you're literally accessing free, Divine Comedy, information and entertainment.  When I see his videos in my subscription box I click straight away or make myself a cup of tea so I can sit and enjoy.

And don't forget to Take Care and Drive Safe.
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