Friday, October 19, 2012

Lady Gaga Fame Review

If you live under a very dull rock you won't have heard of Lady Gaga, after all she is the kind of lady who would take your dull rock, fancy it up a bit and turn it into some form of headgear. She has been compared to Madonna numerous times but I like to think she is a lot more like another Queen of Pop - Mr. Elton John. Think about it. There is the extravagant clothes, the controversy and most of all the talent that she has.
Everybody wants a bit of Gaga (she is so hot right now) and she has decided to give us a snippet in the form of her new perfume Fame. Of course Gaga gives us a different twist on perfume - she has given us the first ever black to clear eau de parfum (it actually works - I was slightly afraid my arm would be stained). Although I am a fan, I am not the biggest Lady Gaga fan. I have seen her in concert (she was amazing but I would leave the kids at home cause she can be a little naughty) and of course her songs go into my head and stay there - I couldn't wait to smell Fame. I was curious to see what she would come up with.

Inspired by the statement "If you don't have any shadows, you're not standing in the light" - I kinda like that statement although it's probably seen as a little dark, to me I get there is darkness and light in each of us. The bottle is described as "sexy ugly" - like most people after a night on the tiles perhaps? It's a smooth egg with a huge gold monster claw cap (for her little monsters). 

The perfume looks dark and its notes include Belladonna (remember the film Practical Magic with Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman? Well they used Belladonna to drug the dude out of ER - ah I love that movie). When I hear the word Belladonna I think "Sexy Witch".

Top: Belladonna, Apricot, Saffron.
Middle: Orchid, jasmine
Base: Incense, Honey.
The initial notes are dark and sexy but the perfume transitions into something a little more pretty and traditional - like the artist herself. For all her hair wigs and mental looking outfits she is a traditional family girl and the perfume itself is a bit of a surprise, it softens into something pretty and unexpected. The bottle is exactly what you would expect from Lady Gaga but the perfume is surprisingly sweet and after its initial boldness, it's delicate and feminine.

The Monsters Claw Cap is pretty big and heavy and I was thinking about some of the things you could use it for and I have demonstrated them below:
1. a giant spot remover - it would have to be a really impressive spot
2. to attack people - its kinda scary and very weighty - Gaga's version of brass knuckles
3. a head massager - just don't puncture your skull
4. a bracelet - actually they should put a loop on it to create a bracelet, it would be like GAGA does Wonder Woman.

Lady GAGA Fame is available now. 30ml is  €29.95 £25.00, 50ml is  €37.95 £32.00 and 100ml €69.95 £55.00.

Although I don't think Fame will become my signature scent I can see it working on a myriad of age groups from young girls to older ladies (with varying degrees of gaganess). I guarantee that if you smell Fame you will be surprised. Pin It
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