Tuesday, October 23, 2012

INGLOT's Amazing Halloween Make Up without the Scary Prices

We got a press release from INGLOT yesterday with some photos of examples of the Halloween makeovers they're offering in their stores and they're so amazing, I just had to share. 

I'm always watching Halloween make up tutorials on You Tube in awe (Siobhán from Letzmakeup has some amazing ones) but I know I wouldn't be able to recreate them. This way, you get to have a professional do all the work for you. The Halloween makeovers cost €30 which is redeemable against products and bookings are being taken in all six INGLOT stores nationwide now. If you're going down the pretty rather than the ghoulish route, INGLOT can also cater for that, and they have a huge range of really fun lashes. You should totally be ghoulish though. Isn't it much better to go all out with your make up rather than spending a fortune on some costume that you'll never wear again? And you can get yourself some new products in the process! 

What are you dressing up as this year? I'm still undecided but really tempted to try one of these makeovers! Pin It
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