Saturday, October 27, 2012

Easy Halloween Nail Art from Impress (+review)

I'm not one for nail art. I admire it on other people and the creativity and artistry of some of the designs is amazing (Cherry Sue and Lynnie, I'm looking at you), but I'm not bothered to do it on myself. This is because a. I'm too lazy and b. my nails are so flaky that any design that could've taken a whole evening to apply would last, oh, about half an hour on my nails. 

Another thing that I thought wasn't for me is false nails or stick on nails, because of my massive nail beds. Seriously, they're huge, manicurists always comment on them. 

So, I was really interested to try out these Broadway Impress press-on nails. These come in cute nail polish-esque bottles and contain 24 different sized pre-glued press on nails, a mini nail file and a wipe for preparing your nails before application. You simply wipe your bare nails with the wipe, or with nail polish remover, select the correctly sized nail for each of your talons, peel back the plastic backing and stick them on. Heading out last weekend, I decided to try these pink zebra print ones, called 'Lil Drumr Grl'.

I'll get the cons out of the way first. I was sort of right about my nails being too big for false nails - the width was fine but I had to file my nails right down so that my own nails weren't peeking out from underneath the Impress ones (you can see in the above pic that I needed to file my ring finger nail more). Also, the smallest nails in the pack were too small for me. Obviously there is extra thickness on your nails. This is fine, but for me the Impress nails didn't sit flush with my own nails, there was a slight gap in between the two at the top. Again, this could be because of my big nails - the bit of the false nails that is supposed to come up over the top of the finger was instead sitting on top of my nails. The gap didn't annoy me at all, except when it came to washing my hair and it kept getting caught in between the two.

So, despite all that, I loved these. They are such a quick and easy way of giving your nails a fun, nail art, look and they're very impressive looking - I have never had so many compliments on my nails as I had when wearing these. They felt secure on the whole time I was wearing them (they can last up to a week but I took them off after four days) and I didn't feel at any point like they were in danger of pinging off. When you want to take them off, they peel off quite easily, if you're having any trouble you can hold a cotton pad soaked in nail polish remover over the edges of the nails and it helps the process along. There was no damage to my nails after using them. 

These are available in a myriad of designs and block colours, including the special Halloween versions in the top photo - great for adding a bit of a Halloween touch to your person if you're not dressing up - I'll be wearing those cat eye ones on Wednesday :)

Impress nails are available from pharmacies and Penneys, among other stockists, check out their Facebook page for more. 

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