Monday, November 12, 2012

Sure I had to take a trip to the Chemist

 I was kinda lucky with my trips to the chemist or "Drugstore" in America, mostly cause himself got distracted by the food and when he did come back I asked him to find sleeping tablets (he thinks American sleeping tablets are herbal because they are just on the shelf). After my second time trying to distract him he was onto my game and said "you're trying to get rid of me to look at makeup" EHH yeah exactly now feck off. 
So I had two quick trips to chemists and also a trip to Target which we kept calling Tesco (it's not far off actually cause Target sell the Cherokee kids range that Tesco sell and there were a few other similarities which for the life of me I can't remember right now).

I stocked up on Maybelline Baby Lips, I was sent some on a recent swap from my friend Yessie and for the record can I just ask WHY THEY HELL ARE THESE NOT ON SALE HERE?  I also got a couple of EOS balms (my mam is a huge fan thanks again to Yessie) a Wet and Wild lipstick and a covergirl lipstick (I meant to buy more from Cover Girl but I kinda forgot). 
For my face I picked up the Milani Tantastic which looks the exact same as a Lorac product, a Milani Baked Blush and a Physicians Formula happy boosting blush (it makes me happy just to look at it so it's got to work).  In Target I wanted to pick up some Sonia Kashuk products but when I got to the (rather empty) stand my mind went blank - until I finally remembered I wanted concealer - which was all sold out.  I settled on the Dense Blush which reminds me of my MAC 109 which is the only MAC brush I have ever paid full price for (well I got it in the Duty Free).
For the eyes I picked up a couple of Wet and Wild palettes, a Milani Fabu Liner and a Cover Girl Mascara.
I also got a ton of nail polish  - which Sile is having great fun playing with.  I think there are a couple of random polishes floating around that I didn't picture but don't worry I'll find them.

As I use the products I will feature them here on the blog and see if they live up to the hype ect.  If there is anything in particular you want to see first leave a comment.  All in all our own chemists are not doing too bad but when you see products like OPI and Essie costing 8 dollars and we are being charged 13 euro for them you realise how much we are being ripped off. 

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