Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Stila Positively Pink Set

As you know there are very few things in the world that make me happier than makeup. If the makeup gives a portion of its proceeds to a good cause, I am totally sold, if the brand is Stila I buy two. 
For many years Stila produced products during the month of October with some proceeds going towards Breast Cancer Awareness, I was delighted to learn this year that Stila have continued this great idea and produced the positively pink set.  I know I am a bit late for this as October was Breast Cancer Awareness month but we are never too late to help a good cause.
The set contains probably the most adorable blush I have ever seen called Positively Pink and a lip glaze in the shade Splendor all for the bargain price of £12.50.  Yeah that's right for a measly £12.50 you can grab yourself a blush and a lip gloss and help a good cause.
The blush is a light pretty pinky coral which looks stunning on the cheeks - this is not an in your face colour, it really gives the effect "your cheeks but better", as if you're lit from within (as opposed to doing your best Aunt Sally impression).  There is an over spray effect of a ribbon which can be used initially as a highlighter.

The Lip Glaze in Splendor is a pretty sparkly, sheer pink.  The colour is light and bright, the effect of the blush and the lip glaze brightens your whole face.

Stila's Positively Pink set can be bought for a measly £12.50 from Stila.co.uk (click here) and did I mention that they have free shipping to Ireland and the UK.  Go on check out the set after all it is for charity - or maybe you could log on here tomorrow where we might have a treat for you.

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