Thursday, November 15, 2012

Product RAVE: Zoya Remove +

If you had told me I would spend in excess of €10 on a bottle of nail polish remover, I would have said that you were mad (or that I had won the lotto and had lost all sense of reason). I always thought it was one of those products that it didn't really matter how much you spent on it - the cheap stuff was just as good as the expensive stuff. So I bought the cheap stuff. Until I tried this.

Mags picked up a bottle Zoya Remove + at the Professional Beauty Show in the RDS and once I tried it, I had to get some for myself. It probably sounds a bit silly to say that this removes polish really well, because of course that's what it should do, but it just does!

It takes off polish really quickly and easily without leaving any residue. It leaves your nails smooth, clean and ready for their next manicure. It also leaves your nails looking and feeling conditioned, kinda like you've rubbed  a cuticle oil into them.

It smells good and it comes in one of those pump bottles I love so much.
And the pièce de resistance -  it cuts through glitter polish faster than anything I've ever used before, without leaving your nails looking like they've done ten rounds with a sheet of sand paper.

Basically this is not just any old nail polish remover. Seriously, try it.

Available from Supernail Ireland.
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