Friday, November 30, 2012

The Body Shop - Vitamin C Microdermabrasion

Last Friday The Body Shop offered Ireland a little slice of Black Friday shopping with 30% off everything in the shop.  Besides there being a great selection of Christmas presents to choose from I decided to stock up on two of my favourite Body Shop products at the moment.  I am currently obsessed with the Ginger Sparkle Body Butters (normal price €18.95).  Besides having the cutest little gingerbread man on the packaging the butter smells amazing.  I know some people don't like the smell of ginger but this body butter leaves a soft scent without being overpowering.  I didn't notice much sparkle (although there is a sparkling body lotion if you want more shimmer for the party season) my skin has been feeling absolutely amazing, just what is needed during this cold snap.  I am a bit odd where it comes to nice body creams and butters - I only use them on the top half of my body where I can smell the scent and I use a lesser cream on the bottom half of my body (anybody else have body cream snobbery like this?)  Now that I am stocked up on Ginger Sparkle my whole body is properly moisturised and what a difference it's making to my shins and calves

The main reason I went into the Body Shop was to stock up on the Vitamin C Microdermabrasion, to be honest it's kinda weird I haven't blogged about this before.  This little product has been working away in my bathroom for a while now.  As the name suggests, it's a microdermabrasion product 
which uses very small exfoliating particles and crushed garnet stones with the added boost of Vitamin C.  The product removes dead skin cells which leaves the skin soft and smooth while looking brighter and feeling fresher.   It's very easy to use - I keep it in the shower and use it about three times a week.  You can feel the particles scrubbing on your skin but it is not rough on my skin and it doesn't inflame my skin. 

All this is done with a light refreshing citrus scent.  When I first tried this in the shop I was stroking my hand where the cream had exfoliated and left the skin baby soft.  I used to use Origins Modern Friction for a similar purpose but I actually prefer the Body Shop's Vitamin C and what a bargain it is when Origins Modern Friction costs €44.00 and the Body Shop Vitamin C Microdermabrasion costs €17.00.

As an added bonus you can get mini facials in the Body Shop which cost  €15 which is redeemable against the purchase of any skincare products. So you could buy the product and get a free facial.

 Did you pick up anything from The Body Shop's Black Friday offers?
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