Friday, December 7, 2012

Giorgio Armani - LIP MAESTRO No 500 Blush

Hi, my name is Mags and you may know me from bright lipstick posts such as Stila Caprice and YSL Autumn 2012, that's right I love bright and vibrant lips. I will go as far to say I NEVER wear neutral lips, well that was until Giorgio Armani  Lip Maestro came into my life.

Earlier in the year Armani Launched their new foundation/skin perfecter (which is on my list as my next foundation to try) and now they have launched Lip Maestro which is a beautifully pigmented lip product quite different to anything I have ever tried before.

Maestro is a new kind of lip product which is a lipstick/stain combo - but what is amazing about the product is how unbelievable the product feels on the lips, it's smooth and creamy and leaves a glossy pigmented colour on the lips that lasts.  It's made of an almost gel/cream formula so it's not sticky like a gloss and the colour stays on the lips without a drying effect.  Other long wear lip colours do dry down on your lips (even my beloved Stila) but Maestro leaves you rubbing your lips together they feel so lush.

As you can see the colour is a beautiful neutral rose shade, something that I usually avoid but the texture of this product on my lips and the glow that it gives to the skin has turned this into my new "fancy" lip product - one that I wear when I am going someplace fancy, which is probably just to the cinema.  So besides me smushing my lips together when I am wearing this, I think the colour is simple and stunning and has changed my perspective about neutral lips. 

Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro is available in a number of shades (but check out blush cause it's stunning) and they cost €26.00 from Brown Thomas Dublin and Cork. Pin It
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