Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Bare Minerals Ready - Star Treatment

I was walking through Liffey Valley recently and I took a spectacular fall, I was like a large elephant collapsing in a heap on the ground, I lept up checking nobody had seen, head popping up like meercat. The good news is people are so kind and came to check was I OK, bad news is I walloped my knees.  I limped off feeling slightly sorry for myself and greatly embarrassed - I needed a treat.  I found myself in front of Stila in Boots (the happiest place on earth) but I realised that when you have a severe makeup addiction like myself I had literally bought ALL THE STILA.  I limped off again and found myself in front of the Bare Minerals stand.

Bare Minerals is one of those brands that reminds me of insomniac nights watching QVC - a brand that I think is really overlooked by bloggers including myself, lets face it I am too messy to be flapping about with loose powders.  A while ago I picked up a Ready (their pressed colour range) eyeshadow quad (read about my post here) and I was really impressed.  The shadows are buttery soft, can be used wet or dry and are formulated with Sea Nutritive Mineral Complex along with antioxidants (cold-pressed borage oil, caffeine and cucumber ingredients) which give the eyeshadow anti-aging benefits which claim to reduce the look of puffiness and offer antioxidant protection for a softer, smoother, revitalized eye area.

The quality of the shadows is really impressive but I also like that they have quads or eyeshadow duos which come in a great range of colours.  The quads cost €35 and I really didn't want to spend that much on cheering myself up but when I was talking to the lovely sales assistant she showed me two eyeshadow sets they have for Christmas.  They also have a range of other gifts available for Christmas which are always a good way to get a feel of a brand at a good price.  One of the eye shadow sets was Star Treatment and the colours were so pretty and with 8 shadows costing €40.00 it was soon waltzing out the door with a happy new owner.

As you can see the packaging would make a beautiful Christmas pressie/you fell on your face and are feeling sorry for yourself pressie.  The set also contains a sample size eye primer which is always nice to get - I haven't tested it to see how it compares with Urban Decay.
The colours are clearly marked on the back with co-ordinating colour which I think is a nice touch (what can I say I am a visual creature) .

The palette is compact and sleek and comes with a mini double ended brush as well as instructions on different looks you can create. 

VIP, Connoisseur, Carte Blanche and Ritzy

Kudos, Bragging Rights, Elitist, Extravagance

The colours come out exactly as they look in the pan (excuse my slightly washed out looking pictures) and are a joy to use and blend.  I urge you to check out your Bare Minerals counter and just have a swatch I promise that you will be impressed.

Now all I have to do is work out my favourite colours - at the moment I am in love with the slightly obnoxious looking but stunning on the eyes Connoisseur. Pin It
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